Dolabuy direct how to choose yoga mat and yoga ball

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This report is dolabuy to direct yoga lovers to choose suitable yoga mat and yoga ball. It will be helpful!


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Dolabuy direct how to choose yoga mat and yoga ball:

Dolabuy direct how to choose yoga mat and yoga ball

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Yoga be looked as the top choice for women, it is not only can help to reduce pressure, relax your body, keep your figure and many other benefits. To choose suitable yoga equipment and let your soul to have a wonderful journey.

How to choose yoga mat:

How to choose yoga mat For yoga become more and more popular, yoga mat naturally has a great amount needed. There are many kinds of yoga mats in the market and have a great difference in the material and price. How to choose yoga mat and keep it with you as long time as possible? There are two different material yoga mat in the market: TPE and PVC. There are 4MM, 6MM and 7MM three kinds of thickness. We often don't know which kind of yoga mat is suitable for us.

Now dolabuy introduce something about choosing yoga mat::

Now dolabuy introduce something about choosing yoga mat: The difference between TEP and PVC: First, TEP was made from environmental protection materials. For the special material of TEP yoga mat, it has very strict requirement on origina material and technology, so the price is higher than PVC mat and it is vert rare. But the kind of PVC mat is vary. Second, the smell of TEP yoga mat can drop away, but the PVC cann't.

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Third, TPE has good skid resistance and elasticity You don't worry about the skid resistance and elasticity, if your brought TEP yoga mat. Although you sweet. Fourth, TEP can be used longer time than PVC yoga mat and it will be four or five times longer. About to choose yoga mat's thickness The beginner aways choose 6MM, if you have some basic knowledge of yoga, you can chooe 4MM. Recent yoga mat' s length is 1730mm and also has 1800MM.

How to choose yoga ball :

How to choose yoga ball Yoga ball also called fitness ball or yoga fitness ball. It is a kind of ball sport's tool which used to match up with sports fitness. The material is soft PVC. When our body touch with the yoga ball, the inner filling ball can evenly touch the touching part and effect massage effective, it is benefit to your health. But how you choose a suitable yoga ball is a knowledge:

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1, The size of yoa ball You need according to your figure, weight to choose suitable weight and size yoga ball. The diameter of yoga ball have: 4cm, 55cm, 65cm 75cm and other size. You can choose as flowers: Your Height Below 137cm 137—152cm 155— 170 cm 173 — 188 cm Above 188 cm Ball size 30cm (12inc h) 45 cm (18 inch ) 55cm (22inch) 65cm (26 inch ) 75cm (30 inch )

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2, The surface of yoga ball should have foot-grip. You need pay attention, whether the yoga ball have pungent smell. 3, The yoga ball should be antiknock. You can try to touch the ball when you before you buy it.

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