Learn diamond features together with dolabuy

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Learn diamond features together with dolabuy:

Learn diamond features together with dolabuy Dolabuy tell you how to identify ruby

Diamond features: :

D iamond features : Diamond's feature as follows: "Beautiful", that is gorgeous and bright. If diamond wasn't beautiful then can not be called diamond. This kind of beautiful performance is brilliant color, or transparent and clean, or with a special optical effect. "Duration", that is to say diamond has hare texture and wearable, it is enduring. For the value of diamond precious is very high, people expect diamond would durable and can hedge against inflation or even hereditary. "Rare", the quantity is very less. Item become expensive for rare.

The identification of ruby::

The identification of ruby : About natural diamond, there are nine crack among ten rubies. It is very rare if one natural ruby without any wart and crack. But the color of men made ruby without difference, inner shortage is few, clean and the size is big. As rare diamond, there are rare natural ruby in the market. You need attention when you meet big size ruby. It will be fake.

PowerPoint Presentation:

The natural ruby have strong "dichroism", about dichroism, that is you can see two different color if you obvious the ruby from different direction. Red spinel is very similar to natural ruby, it is very easy mixed, therefore you need pay more attention.

Dolabuy show you some diamond jewelry::

Dolabuy show you some diamond jewelry:

Brief introduction of dolabuy::

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