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Play Badminton together with

Play Badminton together with The Benefit of Playing Badminton


Badminton Playing badminton is an excellent exercise, which is good for the child's nervous system and reaction ability. At the same time, playing badminton is good for enhancing muscle strength, and plays a facilitating role to improve the function of internal organs.

The benefits of Playing Badminton:

The benefits of Playing Badminton A. Playing Badminton Builds Up Child's Nervous System For children to play badminton, a formal venue is not necessary. As long as there is an open space and where you can pull a color rope.

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The nerve center of the child is poor, so beginners often repeat strike but can’t hit, even hit but can not control the strength and direction of the ball. Therefore, parents must be patient and encourage the child to master the playing methods, skills and gradually increasing requirements. You may try to use the following methods and steps to make your child gradually master the skills of playing badminton.

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1. Throw and strike by himself Children should stand on their feet, the right thumb and four fingers should grip the racket, palms up, throw the ball in the air when the ball down to the chest or the abdomen, right hand hold on to the racket then strike the ball , take a look at how much times your child can hit.

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2. Play the lob Wear badminton with a hanging wire (or on a small mesh bag) to the door frame or the horizontal ropes, so that the height of the ball is waist-deep. Children hit the ball forward oscillation, to strike the ball down again and again, repeat the procedure.

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3. Sparring Adults and children, each holding a badminton racket, follow the following steps: (1) Play in short distance and slow speed, which is called the "peace" ball, let the children hit a few times; (2) Pull up the cross-rope between two people as a "boundary", count the play; (3) Hit in the movement. In this way, the child gradually mastered the technology of playing badminton, the nerve center of the flexibility and coordination will be enhanced, and their interest in playing the badminton will be gradually increased.

B. Badminton is good for girls:

B. Badminton is good for girls 1. get fit rapidly Life lies in movement. While playing badminton, you can sweat in a short time and will be able to get fit rapidly.

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Second, body sculpting People who have watched badminton competitions may notice that badminton athletes always have well-proportioned bodies, especially the females. They have slender limbs and are looked slim, which is due to the characteristics of the badminton sport.

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Third, the beauty A careful person may realize that badminton player usually has a good skin. The best way to beauty is to steam the face. Badminton is an indoor sport, and needs to avoid the wind, so the badminton court is more like a steamer in the summer. If you play badminton for a long time, the skin will certainly get better. Fourth, show the good figure Badminton sport’s suits are usually skirts and short-sleeved T-shirt, so it’s a admirable time to show your good figure. thank you!:

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