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Learn about yoga together with dolabuy.com:

Learn about yoga together with dolabuy.com Talk about yoga foot and yoga suits

Some knowledge of yoga food:

Some knowledge of yoga food The yoga philosophy believes that the food can play the role of physiological and psychological. Some foods are beneficial but some are harmful and you need to avoid.

Irritating food:

I rritating food This kind of food is called “degenerative food” in yoga, while provides heat and also stimulates the body and mind. This food has a irritating taste, and contains caffeine. Refined sugar, onion, garlic, pepper, and raw materials always have a strong flavor, such as sweet, sour, bitter, spicy, salty or condiments. If you consume too much spicy food, it will stimulate the endocrine and nervous system, the brain excited runs counter to yoga calm.

Suppress food:

S uppress food Yoga said those are “inert food”, such food disrupt the physical and mental stability, and may make people irritable, easily jealous, variable lazy and sluggish. This food has a certain extent to make us lose energy and poison our body system. Suppressed food including stale food, tasted rotten or overripe foods such as canned food and frozen food.

Yoga suits:

Yoga suits Many girls who want to learn yoga do not know where to buy yoga clothes. First of all, if you choose the cheapest, you can solve it by yourself. In general, we used to wear baggy pants, a little stretch as yoga pants, knit, cotton, hemp can be good. Then you may want to go to some fashion stores to choose some suits. We know that the best yoga clothing is the pants with drawstring, whose length can be adjusted freely, so the pants can be found in many brands of clothing. As for the coat, generally do not have special requirements, just be suitable to yourself will be fine. In addition, in a number of lingerie stores, we can see the shadow of yoga clothing, such as Love Underwear, where you can see professional yoga clothes. Of course, we can go to a professional sports shops to buy some, and generally in the gym may have a standard yoga clothes for you.

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Yoga is a sport which relax your body and soul. It is more than a soul journey …… The end - dolabuy.com thank you!

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