Pomeranian Dog breed information and facts.

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Pomeranian Bring Home a Living Toy! :

Pomeranian Bring Home a Living Toy!

Breed Information:

Breed Information Country of Origin:-  Germany Dog Group:-  Toy Origin of Name:- The Pomeranian gets its name from Pomerania the region in Central Europe from where the breed originated. They’re also called Zwergspitz, Dwarf Spitz, Loulou, or Pom. For a Pom, there is no dog or human too big to take on, hence the other endearing term, “the little dog who thinks he can”. Life Span: - 11 to 12 year Availability: - Rare


Temperament Pomeranians are smart and love to learn. They crave attention. Poms are active and alert . They love their humans with all their hearts. Pomeranians get along with just about everyone. Poms are confidant, brave little dogs. They make great pint-sized watchdogs


Health Allergies Eye problems Hip dysplasia  Patellar Epilepsy Pomeranians in general are a very healthy breed but as any other breed they are also prone to some common health conditions.  

Profile :

Profile Litter Size:- 2 to 4 puppies (Approx .). Personality :- Cute Stuff toy. Veterinarian Visits:- Rare Friendliness:- Less Friendly loves kids. Training:- Easy to train Highly Intelligent. Grooming:- Not easy to groom High visits to groomer required.

Read full story or get full information about Pomeranian Visit here http://www.dogexpress.in/dog_breed/pomeranian:

Read full story or get full information about Pomeranian Visit here http://www.dogexpress.in/dog_breed/pomeranian