Top 5 Indian Dog Breeds in India

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Top 5 Indian Breeds

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Rampur Hound •One of the oldest and rarest dog breeds in India. •This breed get its name from the place of its origin Rampur which lies in North India between Delhi and Bareilly. •The Nawab of the Rampur Ahmed Ali Khan Bahadur brought this breed to life by combining the blood lines of Tazi ofAfghanistan and English Grey Hound of UK and gave it the name Rampur Hound. •This breed is known for its unmatched loyalty towards its family. •Rampur Hound have a 270 degree field of vision thanks to unique placement of their eyes. Read more about this breed here …

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Kombai •One of the bravest Indian dog breeds. •Kombai was specifically used in hunting boars bison and deer. •The Kombai is a native dog breed of Tamil Nadu it draws its name after the town in which it was developed. •They make lovable pets and are also known as excellent guard dogs with immense loyalty. •This br ee d’ s unique coat style make people believe that it is a descendant of fox. Read more about this breed here …

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Chippiparai •The Chippiparai is a sight-hound dog breed found in south India. •This Indian dog breed was created to hunt boars deer and rabbits. •Later Chippiparai became a symbol of royalty and dignity. •They are extremely loyal and usually friendly. •It is a great one-man dog. Read more about this breed he r e…

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•One of the rarest pedigree Indian dog breeds developed in the country. •It draws its name from the small town of Rajapalayam in Tamil Nadu. •The most prized look is the milky-white coat that is almost a standard for the breed. •They are being used as guard dogs in the borders of Kashmir by the Indian Army. •They make excellent guard dogs for a family. Read more about this breed he r e… Rajapalayam

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Indian Pariah Dog •Indian Pariah dog is one of the most primitive and ancient India dog breeds. •A relative of Dingo this breed has no trace of genetic tweaking or modification from the human side. •It is sometimes referred to as the pye-dog the Indian native dog or INDog. •They make excellent watch dogs and are usually quite territorial defensive. •They make excellent pet dogs and are extremely lovable. Read more about this breed here …

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