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Need a Lease Agreement? However, there are certain basics you should know about lease agreements in general. Use our attorney-drafted lease agreement template word form to finalize the renting out of your house.


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Standard Lease Agreement Form Why Landlords Need If you are new to being a landlord you may be looking for a standard lease agreement form to have your tenants sign. It is important to understand all the basic elements of a lease agreement to ensure that your form is thorough and covers all the important bases that need to be addressed in your form. This contract is meant to protect you and offers you a certain amount of rights when renting your property to someone else.This document spells out all the terms and conditions which both parties have agreed upon. Disputes and legal issues can be prevented by putting all conditions in a document. A written agreement is essential in protecting your rights as the landlord as well as the rights of the tenant. Because of the pivotal role played by this document in the tenancy relationship it requires careful study and professional drafting. You can either choose to hire the services of a lawyer or real estate agent or use customized forms available online. Between these two options using downloadable lease agreement template word proves to be a cost-effective alternative.

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The first part of your form will have all the basics in it this is the area where contact information for both parties is listed as well as the location of the property that is being rented. This section will also spell out other parameters of the lease such as how many people will be residing in the home what the rent cost will be and as well as the length of the contract the day the rent is due and any of the other specifics of the actual rental taking place. This is also the place where you will list any specifics of the house or property that need to be added such as if there is a barn on the property and letting the tenant know if the barn is for their use or it is being reserved for other uses. You will also add any furnishings to this section or any other specifics about what the rent includes. Utilities should also be covered under this section such as who is responsible for paying what. Be as specific as possible when filling out this section of your lease it is important not only that you let the tenant know what they can expect but it is also important should you ever end up in court that the judge will be able to clearly understand what the specifications of your lease are. Apart from stating the rights of both parties the Property Lease Agreement Form should also clearly list the obligations of either party. Some of the important issues include who is responsible for repairing damages maintenance of lawn payment of utilities as well as payment of insurance. Basically the property owner is obligated for the improvement of the place but the agreement must state the extent of this obligation.

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Perhaps the most important component of the lease agreement is the payment arrangements - the rental rates payment date payment notice charges for late payment mode of payment and the duration of the real estate contract. These crucial issues must be thoroughly discussed by the property owner and tenant before signing the agreement to avoid any conflict. When you decide to let your property you have to ensure that everything is done in accordance with law. Without a properly prepared Property Lease Agreement Form you are exposing yourself to some serious problems. The lease agreement is actually a very simple form but it can save you from an unimaginable headache when things go wrong.

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