What is SSID? How to check SSID through smart wizard?

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What is SSID?:

What is SSID? SSID is short for s ervice s et id entifier . In layman's terms, an SSID is the name for a Wi-Fi network. People typically run into an SSID most often when they are trying to connect to a wireless network. For example, if you take your laptop to the airport and attempt to connect to the local Wi-Fi, your screen will show a list of SSIDs (usernames) — the name of all the networks that are within series for your device. You'll select the name of the local network and enter the password to connect.

How to check SSID through smart wizard:

How to check SSID through smart wizard Snap Start at that point go to All projects . Search for NETGEAR remote connector organizer at that point select the NETGEAR Smart Wizard . NETGEAR Smart Wizard remote utility ought to appear on your desktop screen. Tap on the Networks Tab. This will naturally examine for all the accessible remote system inside your vicinity. Select the SSID of the remote system that you need to interface, at that point hit the  Connect catch. On the Settings tab, click WEP under the Security choice at that point select Enter Key Manually . Note: If the system key consists of 10 characters, set it to 64 Bits. On the off chance that the system key consists of 26 characters, set it to 128 Bits. Type the 10 or 26 characters ( Hexa decimal) keys on the space gave. In the Profiles field, dole out a name to enable you to recall this remote system settings later on, at that point click Save Profile .   Snap Apply to approve the settings. When associated remotely, go to the  About tab and check for an IP address.

How to change SSID?:

How to change SSID? Enter the router user name and password when asked. Username is admin and password is password. Click OK.  Select Wireless. Enter your new user name in the Name ( SSID ) field. Enter your new password in the Password (Network Key) fields. Click the Apply button.

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