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Uploading files tutorial:

Uploading files tutorial Carn Owen example

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Let’s suppose you are the Carn Owen planner and you have an OCAD courses file to upload. Firstly, you must log in to the “Organisation” section in the normal way and then navigate to the Carn Owen page in the “Technical” section Currently, there are no files in the Courses section, so your file will be the first one. Simply click where it says “Upload or delete files in this folder ...

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... to bring up the “Resource Manager”. If your OCAD file is, say, somewhere on your hard disk, you will need to upload it from there. Do this by clicking the Upload from hard disk icon ...

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You’re then invited to navigate to where your OCAD file is stored by clicking Browse ...

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... to open the standard file browser window. Navigate to where the OCAD file is stored and click Open ...

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... to return to the “Resource Manager”. Important – add a description at this stage, making this the file date. Then click Upload to complete the process

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Wait whilst the file is being uploaded ...

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When upload is complete, the “Resource Manager” confirms that the file is now in the correct website folder Note that the date, previously entered as the “description”, appears in the right hand pane. Then close the “Resource Manager”

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Refresh your browser window to see that the OCAD file has been uploaded. Note that the file date is automatically displayed alongside the file name – v important if the latter doesn’t include it.


Finally Subsequent versions of each file can be added in exactly the same way The newest version will appear at the top of the list Previous versions may be deleted if required by selecting the filename in the Resource Manager and clicking delete

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