How to Prevent Credit Card Fraud


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DizziPay has established a unique solution so that your actual credit card is always away from the reach of these fraudsters.


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How To Prevent Credit Card Fraud:

DP How To Prevent Credit Card Fraud

About Us:

About Us Pioneering Digital Payments Platform Ease of access, Anytime and anywhere Unparalleled security, alongside cutting costs. Minimizing credit card fraud and identity theft. Totally secured Digital payments Everything without a plastic Card 2

What is Identity Theft?:

What is Identity Theft? The fraudulent practice of using another person's name and personal information in order to obtain credit, loans, etc. 3

Be Careful:

Be Careful

How did Credit Card Frauds Happen?:

How did Credit Card Frauds Happen? While we scan card or provide card details online, the hackers may steal the card identity and gain access to the account Card Skimming – Fraudsters use a small device to steal credit card information when the card is swiped through a skimmer. Phishing – They send you fake emails, claiming to offer great rewards in return of your bank or card details Fraudsters create fake websites with bank names where you login with your internet banking details.

How To Protect From Credit Card Frauds?:

How To Protect From Credit Card Frauds? General awareness is must to stay away from such fraudulent. Always good to use your card only at the authentic retailers and websites. Not allow access to your card at all DizziPay may be your best friend to deal with such incidents.

Why DizziPay:

Why DizziPay Permanent solution to your identity theft problem. Leading-edge payment technology. Dizzipay for functionality, compatibility, versatility and security. One Time Use Credit Card Number. Additional layer of security Enable Equal Opportunity- Connecting non card holder to the payment cycle. Increased Reputation and Trust

Thank You.:

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