Eligibility and Fee for Indian Students studying MBBS in China

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Eligibility and Fee for Indian Students Studying MBBS in China. Want admission in MBBS University of China As you all know that getting admission in  any private colleges is very difficult for Indian Students. So nowadays they prefer going  abroad for pursuing MBBS. China provides the best education so it is the preferred  destination of almost all the students who want to pursue MBBS.    MBBS in China is very much affordable and for Indian students MCI has approved 214  colleges in China so that everyone can fulfill their desires. Now you might be confused  that how you can take admission in China.  If you are worried about fees then no need to worry as fees will be almost the same as  in India even more affordable. Or if you are thinking that you are not eligible then you are  wrong. By the end of this article you will get all your answers regarding taking  admission in ​MBBS in China​.  Since China is an education hub and the degree of China MBBS university is accepted  worldwide. So whenever you will go anywhere else in the world you can take admission  anywhere by showing that degree.

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Chinese colleges have reputed hospitals attached to it who offers an internship to the  students and trains them in the best possible way. Which help students in getting  complete practical knowledge. Now let’s look upon the eligibility and fee criteria for  taking admission in ​MBBS in China for Indian Students​.  Eligibility for Indian Students:-    From 2003 Indian Students started to take admission in Chinese Medical colleges. And  from 2007 MCI had set up some eligibility rules and regulations for Indian Students  taking admission in MBBS universities in China.  Officially Indian students can take admissions from 2007 as MCI i.e. Medical Council of  India has recently approved 214 universities of China in which Indian Students can take  admissions.  All you need is to clear 10+2 or equivalent examination with 50 of aggregate marks in  Physics Chemistry Biology. Also remember to apply for an eligibility certificate  before going to China for admissions. You have to take this certificate from MCI as  proof that the medical university is recognized.

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But now from 2016 the criteria is changed as for now you need minimum 60  aggregate marks and the reason behind this change is the students who took  admission with low percentages were unable to cope up with MBBS syllabus and it was  very hard for them to complete 5 years course.  MCI has started NEET i.e. National Eligibility cum Entrance Test from the year 2017-18  for the students who want to study medicine after their 10+2 examination. As this was  started in that year many students were unaware of it but now the situation is different  as students are updated about what exam they have to give and when they have to give.  As for this year i.e. 2019 the NEET results are soon going to be announced on 5th June.  The eligibility for students pursuing MBBS in China for Indian Students in 2019 has been  declared by MCI and it stated that NEET eligibility marks will be valid for three years  from the result declaration date. This MCI news has brought a sigh of relief to the  students who want to pursue MBBS in China.  Fee Criteria For MBBS in China:-    Many MBBS colleges provide scholarships but MBBS in China is already very much  affordable that there’s no need for a scholarship. MBBS in China fee starts from Rs.  200000/- per year and as this course is of 5 years it will cost you around 10 lakhs and

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even if you include your other expenses like food or hostel then also 5 years of course  will cost you around Rs. 1350000/- which is very much reasonable.  MBBS in China will provide you world-class education and this makes China an ideal  place for medical students to build their MBBS career.  Yes fees in big cities in China like Shanghai Beijing Sichuan etc. may be high but you  can select smaller cities for studying MBBS in China. As your living cost can also vary in  such a situation.  These variations in fee structure are because of English medium education in China as  some of the universities are allowed by the Chinese Ministry of education to teach in the  English language while some of them are not allowed. The universities which are not  teaching in the English language take lower fees as compared to those to teach in the  English language.  So I hope you might have got your answers regarding fees and eligibility criteria for  Indian students who want to study MBBS in China. So now what are you waiting for  start the process ASAP before it’s too late as the results are also going to be announced  so the seats will fill up so fast.  Book your seat. Hurry up