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Music in films:

Music in films A film score (also sometimes called film music, background music, or incidental music) is original music written specifically to accompany a film. The score forms part of the film's soundtrack, which also usually includes dialogue and sound effects, and comprises a number of orchestral, instrumental or choral pieces called cues which are timed to begin and end at specific points during the film in order to enhance the dramatic narrative and the emotional impact of the scene in question . Taken from Wikipedia.

Why is music important :

Why is music important Music tells the audience how they should be feeling and what emotions they should be experiencing. It adds scale and dramatises events for example when the Protagonist dies, music kicks in. Without the music the protagonist's death doesn't seem as significant or as touching. Jack Mercer's death (Four Brothers)


OUT OF THE FURNACE Trailer The background for this music is contrapuntal, It doesn’t go with the setting. The song is of a soft folk/indie genre while the actual film’s mise en scene is gritty. The environment and characters are hard looking working class men with tattoos, the mixture of these two things tells us that the film is dramatic and has a deeper meaning because it makes the audience feel.

Scott pilgrim vs the world:

Scott pilgrim vs the world Trailer The use of sound in scott pilgrim vs the world is very complex. The start of the trailer where scott sees ramona is the stereotypical chilled acoustic guitar to signify his attraction to her, when he speaks to her then music fades which tells the audience that she doesn’t reciprocate those feelings, which adds to the comedy effect. The sound in the trailer has exaggerated diegetic sound for example when he destroys his plastic cups when he first lays eyes on ramona , when the doorbell is rung i

Music in my trailer:

Music in my trailer Analysing trailers, I now know the importance of music. The genre is key so as my film is a thriller I intend to create music with lots of strings and long pauses to personify the high tension between the characters.