Change Filters and Prepare for Fall Allergies with Discount Filters


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When you’re looking for a new water filter for your refrigerator, choose Discount Filters. Whether you need a Kenmore, LG, GE, or Samsung refrigerator water filter, you can use their website to easily find which filter you need and order it. You can even set up auto-delivery, so a new filter will arrive just before it’s time to replace the old one. There’s no hassle of going to the store and guessing which filter will fit: Discount Filters’ filter finder is intuitive and will tell you which filter you need in moments.


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Change Filters and Prepare for Fall Allergies with Discount Filters Change Filters and Prepare for Fall Allergies with Discount Filters

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Change Filters and Prepare for Fall Allergies with Discount Filters As summer turns to fall allergies make a comeback. Allergens like ragweed and mold are common in autumn but you can help protect yourself using filters from Discount Filters. Whether you need an HVAC filter a 16x20x1 furnace filter or an LG GE Whirlpool or Samsung refrigerator water filter has all the filters you need to help battle allergies. Air Filters As fall arrives check your air filters. Air filters that are clogged need to be replaced immediately as they may no longer properly filter out allergens. A dirty clogged filter can also restrict HVAC airflow and cause problems with the system. The system needs to work harder to push air straining the system and increasing your energy bill. If the system fails you might be in for a costly replacement all while suffering allergies from particulate that would otherwise be filtered out. Humidifiers The air is starting to get cold and dry so it’s time to switch on those humidifiers. Dry indoor air can cause all sorts of unpleasantness like dry itchy skin and irritated sinus passages. Fortunately humidifiers can help keep your home comfortable and soothe dry sinus passages. If you haven’t checked your humidifier’s filter in a while remember that they need regular replacement to keep your air at the right humidity.

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Air Purifiers For extra protection against airborne allergens consider using an air purifier. This is especially true if you want to keep your window open as ragweed pollen can spread far and wide aided by wind. You might associate mold with a damp basement but mold is also common in piles of damp leaves—a common sight in fall. Put these mobile purifiers in rooms you like to spend time in. If you are already using air purifiers be sure to check the filters. Much like HVAC air filters not changing air purifier filters leads to significantly decreased efficiency and more allergens in the air. Refrigerator Water Filters While you’re doing the rounds and updating all of the filters in your home ensure you’re drinking the cleanest water possible by checking and seeing if it’s time to replace your refrigerator water filter. No matter if you need a GE filter such as a RPWFE filter or a Kenmore Maytag Bosch or Samsung fridge filter Discount Filters will help you find the right filter for your fridge. Discount Filters offers a wide range of filters for your HVAC system refrigerator water system and more. True to their name they price their filters 40-70 lower than retail. From models like the Samsung Aqua Pure Plus filter to Discount Filters’ U.S.A.-made ClearChoice and AIRx lines they have the perfect filter for your home. Their filter finder tools and their friendly customer service team make it a snap to find the correct filter for your home filtration needs. also offers 100 free domestic shipping and free returns. Fight fall allergies and get all of the filters you need at

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