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Transgenic !!!:

Being an organism whose genome has been altered by the transfer of a gene or genes from another species or breed. Transgenic !!! Farm Animals !! :)

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How To Get A Transgenic Animal?

RNA interference:

RNA interference

Lentiviral transfection of oocytes and zygotes:

Lentiviral transfection of oocytes and zygotes

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Biomedical Research:

Biomedical Research

Xenogenic cells and tissue:

In particular from the pig , hold great promise for successful cell therapies for human patients because cells can be implanted at the optimal therapeutic location ( i.e. immunoprivileged sites, such as the brain). Xenogenic cells and tissue

Bioproducts from Serum:

Production of insulin Bioproducts from Serum Production of antibodies

Agriculture Research:

Agriculture Research

Environmentally friendly farm animals:

Fecal phosphorus output was reduced by up to 75% . Developers expect these environmentally friendly. Phytase transgenic pigs have been developed to address the problem of manure-related environmental pollution. These pigs carry a bacterial phytase gene under the transcriptional control of a salivary-gland-specific promoter. Environmentally friendly farm animals

Wool production:

Transgenic sheep carrying a keratin-IGF-I construct showed that expression in the skin and the amount of clear fleece was about 6.2% greater in transgenic than in non- transgenic animals. Approaches designed to alter wool production by transgenic modification of the cystein pathway Wool production

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Genetically Modified Horses :

The production of hyperimmune serum The production of estrogen-containing pregnant mare urine has grown in the pharmaceutical industry. Genetically Modified Horses

Genetically Modified Goat:

Genetically Modified Goat

Genetically Modified Cow:

Genetically M odified Cow

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Zank You  So ben2olko eh ……

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