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Accepting Performance Enhancing Drugs :

Created by Dillon Lair Accepting Performance Enhancing Drugs

What are peds?:

What are peds ? Substances that are used to improve any form of activity performance Anabolic Agents Hormones Stimulants Also includes specific “banned methods” such as “blood doping”

Why should we allow Peds?:

Why should we allow Peds ? Direct used funds for prevention towards much more pressing matters Many PEDs are difficult to detect Eliminate genetic inequality Eliminate “Black Market” purchases Education of proper dosing methods

Ethical Debates for use:

Ethical Debates for use Athletes should be allowed to take risks Drugs vs Technology Effectiveness on Drug Testing Legalization of performance enhancing drugs Athletes as Role Models

Ignored Scenarios:

Ignored Scenarios College students using stimulants to “keep up” Musicians using beta-blockers to control stage fright Video game players using stimulants to “maintain focus” People using alcohol to “break the ice” Smokers

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