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HTML Demo : 

HTML Demo …By YuvaLakshya Team All rights reserved

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Click on Start Go to Run and type notepad Click on OK Learn to create simple HTML page-

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In every HTML page, the words starting with < and ending with > are actually coded commands These coded commands are called HTML tags This allows the Web browser to display the text appropriately. An HTML tag is a coded command used to indicate how part of a Web page should be displayed. Every Web page you create must include the <HTML>, <HEAD>, <TITLE>, and <BODY> tags

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Most HTML tags have two parts: an opening tag, to indicate where a piece of text begins, and a closing tag , to show where the piece of text ends. HTML tag HEAD tag TITLE tag opening tag

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Closing tags start with a “ / “ (forward slash) just after the < symbol. Closing BODY & HTML tags respectively. closing tag

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Title of the page body of the page Closing BODY & HTML tags

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Go to File Menu And click on Save As Always save file with “ .html “ extension Your file name should always end with “ .html “ extension . e.g demo.html

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Now have a look at content of your first webpage

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Go to saved file Right click on it and Open with Internet Explorer

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Contents in your TITLE tag Contents in your BODY tag Your page will look as below----