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HTML Demo : 

HTML Demo …By YuvaLakshya Team All rights reserved

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Click on Start Go to Run and type notepad Click on OK Learn to create simple HTML page-

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Open your simple webpage and we will modify it to make it better- Go to File Menu And click on Open Browse your file and click on Open

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Your file name should always end with “ .html “ extension . e.g demo.html Save the copy of this notepad

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Go to File Menu And click on Save As Always save file with “ .html “ extension Click on Save

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Now we will learn new tags- Header tag , Paragraph tag , Horizontal line , Line break Paragraph tag <p> Different header tags<h1> to <h6> For Horizontal line <hr> For line break <br>

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HTML does not recognize spaces or lines you use when typing text For this we use break and paragraph tag The <BR> tag forces a line break, and the <P> tag creates a paragraph break. <P> inserts an extra blank line between paragraphs, and <BR> does not. <hr> tag causes a horizontal "rule" line which is a line break. It is used wherever you'd like to see a line across the page. <BR> and <HR> do not need a closing </BR> or </HR> tag. The <P> tag doesn't require a closing </P> tag , it ends whenever the next tag begins.

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There are Six heading tags <H1> to <H6> Any text written in <H1> tags will appear as a large heading. <H2> to <H6> will make progressively smaller headings. Important  difference between a title and a heading. In HTML, <TITLE> gives the entire page an identifying name which is not displayed on the page. The heading tags, cause some text on the page to be displayed. Any text between the <H1> and </H1> tags will appear as a large heading.

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Texts in different header Paragraph tag Horizontal line break Now check how your HTML tags will work-

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Center tag Text will be displayed at the center of the page Rest page is same. Aligning text to Center of the page

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It will look as below- Text is displayed at the center of the page

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Now we will add color in background and text Notice body tag Background of the page will become Pink Font color will change to Blue

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Go to saved file Right click on it and Open with Internet Explorer

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Look background color Text color