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TAX IT HERE, providing solution to one of India’s biggest challenge which is the unorganised sector for tax and financial planning


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TAX - IT - HERE MAXIMIZING YOUR INCOME TAX REFUND We are the first FinTech Start-up in the Sunrise State of Andhra Pradesh helping individuals and organizations file their IT returns in a seamless way and Hassel free manner along with providing financial assistance and unprecedented support We are a creative startup that follows intelligent methodology to deliver the best user experience About Tax-It-Here WHO WE ARE: Apart from providing solution to one of India’s biggest challenge which is the unorganised sector for tax and financial planning we also help in seeding new and innovative ideas of entrepreneurship in the minds of millions of youngsters and pave the path for the next generation of entrepreneurs by inculcating social responsibility and a true happy work spirit. Up here we have the trace of relentless nerve to achieve unmitigated aspirations invincible expressions to create the electricity that sparks millions of minds. We are not only a customer-centric organization but an employee-centric too. Change from within and embracing yourself is the key to a better tomorrow which will lead to a better world. We are our best when we are happy. We serve better by keeping ourselves happy. Frankly we are a group of simple people like you rebellious with clarity of thought and concern for society with high levels of determination.

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In case you are inspired with our philosophy come join the gang. All you need to do is share your dream with us it could be crazy weird or wacky. Once you are recruited we will work with you in helping you execute your dream along with your pay cheque. Why Trust Us We encourage you to file your IT returns by yourself. However we also understand that not all tax filings can be done by you and you would need a helping hand throughout the year hence we evolved to support you. Our Mission  Don’t have one. But three  Strange but true – We stand apart unlike the crowd we don’t box ourselves in having one mission statement - for the sake of having: we strongly believe our intuition we have utmost clarity on where we need to go and how we need to:  Help every citizen and company to plan and organize their financials.  Put people first - Create best work place and promote health and happiness among people who are directly and indirectly connect to us.  Be Masters in innovation and usage of technology. Our Values  Trust: Trust is what we strongly drive within the company partners vendors and customers.  Celebrate people: Our utmost concern is Health Family and inner well being of our team.  Social responsibility: We believe in giving back to the society .As a company and as individuals we stick to the value of sharing happiness in the world. Our Vision Our vision is to become the most trusted financial partner to every citizen of our country. MAXIMIZING INCOME TAX RETURNS FOR 3.2 CRORE TAX PAYERS