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China Solar Street Lights – Efficient in Every Way Possible The China solar street lights and integrated solar street lights are best sources of generating electricity as they are cost-effective and very easy to install and maintain individual units in the long run. When it comes to dealing with solar energy and products made from it the China solar street light and integrated solar street light is the best source. This solar street light uses a PIR motion sensor that very efficiently adjusts the brightness of the LED light. At the time of sensory movement possessed by the light the LED luminary glows at full brightness. This happens due to excess brightness which automatically reduces when the light is not in use. How does the Solar Street Light Functions If you’re thinking about its maintenance keep all the concerns aside as it comprises of lithium ion battery that counts for zero maintenance. Some of the core features of the integrated solar street lights is that it has a very smart panel that provides longer back up time and efficient battery life as well. Due to the compact size it can easily be mounted on a pole top. However the integrated solar street lights come with a unique feature of transforming light intensity from the dusk to dawn automatically. As far as maintenance is concerned it requires negligible of it followed by the installation. Both the solar street lights are made of high-quality materials as per the environmental conditions. Talking about Each of the Parts in Solar Street Lights The solar street lights comprise of four parts including Solar Panel LED Fixture Rechargeable Battery and Mounting Pole. Solar Panel – It converts the solar energy into electricity and is thus the most important part of the entire solar unit. LED Fixture - It is basically the luminary of a modern solar street that helps in consuming less energy and saves on a lot of money. Rechargeable Battery - This particular unit functions with a view to store electricity during the day time and emitting light via LED fixtures during the night time.

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Mounting Pole- The role of mounting pole is to hold all the components of the solar street lights and integrated street lights tightly so even resistance to wind is looked after for smoothly while installing the solar lights across China. Order Now China is a strong base for selling and buying solar street lights. Several portals offer lucrative deals for the customers and deliver the products to the desired destinations in no time at all. Follow us on Our Social Profiles Links: Reference Link-

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