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Digital Paid Advertisements:

Digital Paid Advertisements Welcome!

Paid Advertisements Examples:

Paid Advertisements Examples

Google Ads:

Google Ads

Yahoo Ads:

Yahoo Ads

Bing Ads:

Bing Ads

Localized Search Engine:

Localized Search Engine

Ad Networks:

Ad Networks



Other Channels :

Other Channels Facebook Ads LinkedIn Ads Business Specific Verticals 40 mil visitors/month Broad (B2B Search Engine and Ad Network) Bidding (4-5$/click for top 3)

Facts About Google Ads:

Facts About Google Ads

Google vs. Yahoo vs. MSN:

Google vs. Yahoo vs. MSN Source: http:// / Google leading the Market Share with 80%+ Revenue Share

Google Ads:

Google Ads

Qualitative View:

Qualitative View -Source Enquiro

Visibility Analysis:

Organic Ranking Visibility Rank 1 – 100% Rank 2 – 100% Rank 3 – 100% Rank 4 – 85% Rank 5 – 60% Rank 6 – 50% Rank 7 – 50% Rank 8 – 30% Rank 9 – 30% Rank 10 – 20% Side sponsored ad Visibility Ad 1 – 50% Ad 2 – 40% Ad 3 – 30% Ad 4 – 20% Ad 5 – 10% Ad 6 – 10% Ad 7 – 10% Ad 8 – 10% Shown in a percentage of participants looking at a listing in this location -Source Enquiro Visibility Analysis


11% money is spent on SEO and 87% money goes to PPC. – Source SEMPO Spending


SEO drives 75 % + of all search traffic, yet garners less than 15% of marketing budgets for SEM campaigns. PPC receives less than 25% of all search traffic, yet earns 80%+ of SEM campaign budgets. Irony Why does paid search get so many more marketing dollars?

Benefits of PPC:

Benefits of PPC Small initial investment Set your own budget Instant Result Real time result tracking World wide exposure Various targeting option

Google Adwords - Structure:

Google Adwords - Structure

Campaign Optimization:

Campaign Optimization Keywords Optimization Ad Copies Landing Pages

Keyword Optimization:

Keyword Optimization Keyword Expansion Pausing non performing keywords Changing the match type of keywords Adding misspellings Add similar terms and synonyms

Ad Communication Example:

Existing Ad Good Points: Call for action in the Ad - “Register Free” Attempt to build credibility - “Asia #1 Franchise website” Week Points Communicating what company have, rather then what customer want? What customer will get is not communicated. Another possible Ad Want to own a Franchise ? 2000+ Options: All verticals 65,000 already supported, Start Now Good Points: Addressing the customer requirements directly. Customer concerns at search stage getting addressed Call for action in the Ad - “Start Now” Attempt to build credibility - “65,000 already supported” Ad Communication Example

Landing Page:

Landing Page



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