Social Media for Reputation Management (ORM)


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Interested in building and managing reputation for your brand in an online world? Want to get practical insights on how to manage reputation crisis for your brand? Learn through this examples-driven presentation on Social Media for Online Reputation (ORM).


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Reputation Management through Social Media:

Reputation Management through Social Media

Why Online Reputation?:

Why Online Reputation?

Customers are Talking about You:

Customers are Talking about You

They will Talk even More:

They will Talk even More

Are you Listening?:

Are you Listening?



PowerPoint Presentation:

NDTV Stock Price Barkha Dutt Episode

Disgusting Dominos People:

Disgusting Dominos People Costed them 50m US$

Apple MacBook:

Apple MacBook ~120,000+ Views

Let’s look at the Positive Side!:

Let’s look at the Positive Side!

PowerPoint Presentation:

“Only 20% of marketing budgets are typically spent on retention. Yet, in many cases, 75% of revenues comes from existing customers.” Source: Flip the Funnel

How to Monitor and Measure?:

How to Monitor and Measure?

How to Respond?:

How to Respond?

Handling Negative Conversations:

Handling Negative Conversations

PowerPoint Presentation:

Damage Control

PowerPoint Presentation:

Club Mahindra: Damage & Control

PowerPoint Presentation:


Public vs Private?:

Public vs Private?

Don’t worry about ROI but about :

Don’t worry about ROI but about Finally, when Reputation is at Risk RONI (Return of Non Investment)

PowerPoint Presentation:

“Talking to them is like talking to a Friend who happens to sell Shoes. ” The Ultimate Victory!

Thank You!:

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