Increase Your Page Load Speed in 2020

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Why you should Increase Your Page Load Speed in 2020 When it comes to web design if there’s one thing you shouldn’t compromise on it’s load speed. To improve page speed especially on hand-held devices it makes sense to reduce the number of images and text to simplify and accelerate the user experience. ​Websites that need redesign should be guided to clear minimalist designs that won’t take forever to load. Colour clean crisp edges and lots of space won’t impact on download times. The time your website takes to load is now part of the criteria for SEO and much of that has to do with the preference for searching on mobile devices. There’s a definite correlation between website speed optimisation and SEO. The trend towards mobile over desktop design means sites are aimed at mobile over desktop users. If you are considering a new website then targeting mobile devices could hold you in good stead for years to come. There’s no sign that the trend is likely to diminish so you should

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be looking for ​web development services in Sydney ​ that understand the importance of load speed. The use of e-commerce sites on mobile devices has increased exponentially. Customers or potential customers become frustrated and disillusioned with your site if they have to wait for pages to load. In fact research suggests that sites that take longer than eight seconds risk higher bounce or exit rates. Single page websites have come a long way since the early days of the web. They can be easily coded using HTML they have a user friendly navigation menu they load quickly and their simplicity makes them a breeze to navigate especially on mobile devices. Online Consulting is ​a web design company on the Northern Beaches ​ that can address your digital marketing requirements and re-design a website that improves your load time. Online Consulting Contact Details: Level 2/35 Clarence St. Sydney NSW 2000