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We've mastered high-quality, cost-effective digital lead generation. Delivering targeted leads into advanced marketing automation platforms, so you increase conversions, sales and customers.


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Digital Marketing Consultant Weve mastered high-quality cost-effective digital lead generation. Delivering targeted leads into advanced marketing automation platforms so you increase conversions sales and customers.

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About Us Whats our story We are a young team made up of specialist digital marketing consultants combining technical experience with marketing know-how. Headed by Joe Brown the team at Digital Junkies have been hand picked for their passion for digital marketing and their specific expertise in a range of important areas. We’re constantly evolving moving and growing just as technology does and as our clients needs change. We can help you action things that need actioning change things that need changing and get rid of things that aren’t working. We want you to get to know us just as much as we want to get to know you Take a look around our website get to know us a bit better and then let’s chat

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Our Services • Digital Marketing Our Digital Marketing System When it comes to software and digital marketing tools we admit we are super geeks and have tried them all We’ve used thousands of old and new marketing tools systems and software packages so we understand what delivers and what doesn’t.

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Our Creative Ideas Why do you need a digital marketing strategy

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In a recent study up to three quarters of the businesses admitted they did not have a digital marketing strategy or plan. This means that an alarming number of companies are running social and digital marketing campaigns but with no strategy or plan in place. This is pretty scary and like building a house with no foundations – if something goes wrong you have absolutely no structure and you could see your hard earned work crumbling around your ears. A strategy will cement exactly where you are now and where you want to be in the future plus just how you will get there and how much you will spend. Feel free to download our digital marketing benchmarks where you will see strategies and tactics like search social media email marketing and site/experience design • Facebook Marketing

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We live and breathe Facebook marketing. Count on us to give you a dynamic Facebook presence that sets you apart from the crowd and creates customers. Our expertise experience and proven process makes our complete Facebook marketing service in Australia the best choice. When you do the smart thing and hire Digital Junkies you get: Professional Facebook designers at your service A team of experts with top-notch tools Amazing custom content Your content distributed through the most effective media channels A detailed monthly report

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• Search Engine Optimization You need to pick the right soliution for you We will give you the visibility you need in order to make your presence felt. We are unlike other web experts because we will stop at nothing until your

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website reaches the first page of Google. You may have had previous experiences with SEO companies who failed to deliver their promises. We can correct their mistakes and reverse your poor web rankings. Talk to us so we can show you how effective our tactics are. There’s no greater proof to this than our own website’s 1 page position. If we can do it to ourselves we can do it for others too. We will dedicate ourselves to work on your search engine optimisation. Our work

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Contact us Gold Coast Ground Floor - 36 Laver Drive Robina Gold Coast QLD 4226 Ph No - 02 8011 3680 Website -