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Are you business owner and earn profit from online market, you can choose pay per click(PPC) or SEO services, if you want instant result PPC is best option otherwise click for SEO.


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Pay Per Click Services(PPC) OR SEO - What to Choose? While PPC and SEO are both powerful strategies for improving the website’s traffic, do you which will be better for your business? In this blog, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using both these methods.

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Pay Per Click With PPC, you can edit the ad as well as decide the set of keywords you want to promote your website for.  Keywords are the main factor. To make things clear, the search results that come on top are usually the paid search results.  

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Advantages of Using PPC services: • You can promptly get results while setting up the campaign. • The Google algorithm updates have no connection with PPC. Your website will appear on top if you’ve made the campaign properly . • You can guarantee your promotions reach the right audience. Moreover, you can remove keywords that do not perform.

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Disadvantages of Using Pay per Click Services: PPC promotions aren't something you can set and then sit back. You need to keep a regular check on its performance. It is hard for business owners to do this and that is why relying on pay click management services is the best option. Also, PPC can turn out to be very costly. Before you know it, PPC can finish up your budget.

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Benefits of using SEO services: • Higher possibility to rank on the first page of search results by making quality content. • Search users have become intelligent and they trust the organic results more than the paid ones. • The cost of SEO services is less than that of pay per click services .

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Disadvantages of using SEO services : • It can take a while for SEO to generate desired results. So, you need to be a little patient. • Ranking on the first or the second page results can be troublesome, particularly when the competition is high. Source: https://medium.com/@digitalhubsolution04/seo-or-pay-per-click-services-what-to-choose-cdaf2160f7d2

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