Learn to Spot a Fake GUCCI Bag


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Women love bags. It’s often not enough to have three choices to mix and match. Women always want more bags. Even if they do not have enough cash, Some women go out of their way and apply for a rental bond loan to be able to buy a new bag. Fortunately these loans come with a quick and easy application so they can shop for thay bag they fancy in the soonest time possible. However, one very important thing that women should be wary about when shopping for bags or any other fashion item, is the authenticity of the product. How do you know that you’re buying a real Gucci bag and how do you know if it’s fake? Here are some tips that every fashionista needs to know:

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The design. Take a close look at the design. You can check out websites and images of celebrities wearing the bag that you want to buy to compare the one in the shop. A good way to find out about the authenticity of Gucci bags is to check out the official Gucci website for references. Bear in mind that messy stitches and puckered leather is an indication that a bag is a replica and not real. The fabric. There is a reason why a designer bag is priced so high. You’re not just paying for the name, you’re also buying the craftsmanship. For instance, an Hermes handbag can cost you thousands of dollars because they’re made intricately by hand. If you are doubtful about the bag’s quality, think twice before paying for it. Or, if you’re ordering a bag online, find a way to examine the bag in person first.

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Check out the details. You will be able to distinguish a fake bag from a real one by looking at the zipper, buckles, handles, and the stitches. If the color is faded, there’s a large chance that you’re eyeing a fake. Real Gucci bags come in rich hues and colors. It is also important that you pay attention to the logo of the bag. Some Gucci replicas feature a “G” that looks more like an “E.” You can check the Gucci website to learn more about the stitching details and look at pictures that will give you details on the threading. Buy only from a trusted Gucci seller. If you really want to ensure that you’re buying a real Gucci, make your purchase from the official Gucci website or a dedicated Gucci store.

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Remember these tips and save yourself the troubles of buying a replica bag. If you wish to apply for rent and bond loans to buy your bag, ensure that you use your money wisely – be a responsible shopper.