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Computer Definition Computer is electronic machine in which row data input and convert them in to meaningful information's.

Computer full form:

Computer full form 1) Commanly 2) Operated 3) Machine 4) Particularly 5) Used for 6) Training 7) Education & 8) Research

Types of computer:

Types of computer 1) Personal computer 2) Mini computer 3) Main frames computer 4) Super computer

1) Personal computer :

1) Personal computer Can be used by one user only.Performs hundreds or millions addition per second . They were used in Entertainment, Education

2)Mini computers:

2)Mini computers They computer bigger in size and faster then personal computers. In this multipul users can work fast. They were used in data prossing center and bank.

3) Main frame computer:

3) Main frame computer They are use for solving problems.They act as a server in wan (white area network) They were used in railway reservation and air ticketing.

4) Super computers:

4) Super computers They are most powerful computers.They can process on multiple instruction at the same time. They are used in space control systems and defence etc .

Central processing unit (Cpu):

Central processing unit ( Cpu ) This is heart of ant is the central process or that makes comparison, perform calcutions,read instruction.

1) Hardware:

1) Hardware Physical parts of a computer are hardware. Example K eyboard and Floppy disk

2) Software:

2) Software All the instruction given to the computer are software. Example Google chrome,mozila,opera

1) Inputting:

1) Inputting The process of entering data. 2)Processing Arithmetician and logical opreater. 3)Outputting The process of producing be result.

1) Input device:

1) Input device 1 ) Keyboard 2) Mouse 3) Scanner 4) CD-ROM 5) Micr (Micro ink character reader)

2) Output device:

2) Output device 1) Printer 2 ) Plotter 3) Monitor

Input/output device:

Input/output device 1 ) Floppy disk 2) Hard disk 3) Magnetic tape 4) Magnetic drum

Use of computer:

Use of computer 1) Office 2) Education 3) Hospital 4) Railway station 5) Bus stands 6) Airports 7) Banks 8) Printing

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