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Presented by: Dhananjay Patel Final year IT A SEMINAR ON “Palm Vein Technology”


INTRODUCTION : Palm vein technology is one of the upcoming technology. It is the world’s first contactless personal identification system that uses the vein patterns in human palms to confirm a person’s identity . It is highly secure and accurate. The contact less feature gives it a hygienic advantage over other biometric authentication technologies. 2


PALM VEIN TECHNOLOGY REVIEWS: BASIS OF PALM VEIN TECHNOLOGY:- An individual first rests his wrist, the middle of his fingers, on the sensor's supports such that the palm is held centimeters above the device's scanner, which flashes a near-infrared ray on the palm. veins in palm deoxygenated hemoglobin in the blood flowing through the veins absorbs near-infrared rays, illuminating the hemoglobin, causing it to be visible to the scanner.

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REGISTERING THROUGH PALM VEIN TECHNOLOGY: Palm vein authentication technology consists of a small Palm vein scanner that's easy and natural to use, fast and Highly accurate . A vein picture is taken and palm pattern is Scanner Display registered Process of Registration

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WORKING OF PALM VEIN SECURITY SYSTEMS: One should place his/her palm near to scanner. The scanner makes use of a special characteristic of the reduced hemoglobin coursing through the palm veins — it absorbs near-infrared light .

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Integrated optical system in the palm vein sensor uses this phenomenon to generate an image of the palm vein pattern. Generated image is digitized, encrypted and finally stored as a registered template in the database.

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HOW SECURE IS TECHNOLOGY? In addition the devices ability to perform personal authentication was verified using the following: 1. Data from people ranging from 6 to 85 years old including people in various occupations. 2. Data about foreigners living in Japan in accordance with the world demographics released by the united nations. 3. Data taken in various situations in daily life including after drinking alcohol, taking a bath, going outside and waking up

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ATM AND BANKING The Bank of Tokyo launched its “Super –IC Card”. This card combines the functions of a bankcard, credit card, electronic money and palm vein authentication. This system is advantageous because the customer’s information is not stored at the bank. To activate the palm vein authentication function, the customer brings the card and his passbook and seal to the bank counter where the customers vein information is registered on the card .


PERSONAL COMPUTERS In personal computers palm vein technology can be applied by inserting the vein sensor inside mouse or on the keyboard. When power is supplied to system the mouse/keyboard also gets power and the sensor in the mouse/keyboard will be ready to sense palm veins.

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IN HOSPITALS AND LIBRARYS Palm Secure device can also be used in hospitals for doctor and patient’s identification and where the high level of security is required.


GENERAL AUTHENTICATION: In front of our homes we can apply this Palm vein technology so that by registering the veins of our family members and relatives we can maintain high range security which is not possible through other technologies . Japanese recently used this technology before front doors and getting high range security. Nowadays credit and debit cards lose are very general cases and customers faceshuge lose sometimes. So replacing credit card with palm vein will solve the all problems.

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Hidden characteristics are used as biometric features. It is difficult to forge for intruders. It is not affected by dryness or roughness of skin or by physical injury on surface of the hand. It has an FRR of 0.01% and FAR of less than 0.00008%. This is based on experiments conducted on 70,000 individuals in Japan. This technology is non-intrusive. ADVANTAGES : 13

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