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DG Studio is a tightly integrated global creative agency. We help businesses around the world get a complete online presence


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Intro to Marketing :

Intro to Marketing  Marketing is a fundamental part of the growth of a business. Problems like a reduction in your website conversion, unidentified core customers, ineffective branding and low traffic can leave you frustrated and result not only in a decrease in your web presence but also in struggling sales. Here we'll give you solutions to your problems.


Intro to Marketing The goals of marketing services Dreams are just dreams, but goals are dreams with a plan and a deadline. The following are some of the goals you can accomplish by getting marketing services for your business . 1 . Identify and analyze your target market. 2 . Learn more about your competition. 3 . It creates a strong brand identity. 4 . It helps you optimize your online presence. 5 . It creates a marketing strategy.


It's time to start your research process, this is where you will identify and analyze your target market. We recommend creating a research plan. Start by deciding what problems you are trying to address. This will set the foundation for you to meet your goals within your research plan. Marketing R E S E A R C H P R O C E S S


Marketing Studying your market Now let’s define your target market. Here are some qualities you want to define: Age Location Gender Income level Education level Marital or family status Occupation Ethnic background


Learning about your competition Identifying and learning about your competition is an essential part of your market research. Doing so can provide valuable insights about your market and your industry. Here are key elements to study about your competitors: Who are they? What are their strengths/weaknesses? What have been their greatest failures/successes? Who are their customers? What marketing strategies have they used /do they currently use? Marketing


Creating a strong brand identity is crucial for your business to grow and be known. Branding CREATING YOUR BRAND IDENTITY


Branding Logo design, finding your brand essence Finding your brand's essence requires discovering what your business is all about —its nature, qualities, and attributes. Once you have established this, you can begin to create and establish your brand identity. Brand logo Color palette Typography Voice and tonality


Promotional material, creating a visual language Once you develop your brand elements, you can begin your branding. This includes optimizing your online presence as well as establishing your brand through any promotional materials online and offline. Website design and copy Online and offline ads Promotional merchandise And much more! Branding


The Strategy CREATING A MARKETING STRATEGY Now your business is ready to go to market. You will need to create a marketing strategy. Start by identifying your business goals, the benefits that your business offers and ways to communicate this to your target market. Here are some methods to get you started: Perform an honest analysis Define your SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Conduct market research


Targeting potential customers Once you have gathered all of your data, you can create a list of your services, a list of your target market(s), and a list of your potential marketing channels. Here is where you will find what paths you have to take to reach your ideal customer. The Strategy


The Strategy Meeting your customer's needs: Remember your potential customers can also be your existing customers. So make sure to also make a list of your existing client base and determine if all of their needs have been met. Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves. Steve Jobs


The Strategy Developing campaigns You now have key elements for a marketing plan outline. The final aspect of your marketing strategy is to determine what campaigns would be most effective for each of your target market(s) and channel. Next, you can move on to appropriately develop each of these campaigns.


Advertising TELL THE WORLD WHAT YOU OFFER Before launching your brand campaigns, we recommend that you decide what makes sense for your business to track conversion. Whether it be through impressions, clicks, website/foot traffic, sales, or contacts created, this piece is crucial to determine how effective your marketing is and your campaigns' ROI.


About us DG Studio is a tightly integrated global creative agency. We help businesses around the world get a complete online presence. Our goal is to help you create a strong brand identity that truly represents who you are to the world, online and offline. Don’t delay; it’s time for you to focus your time and energy on your area of expertise, your product or service, while we focus on providing you with marketing solutions. We manage your business’ reputation professionally. Through our advanced methods, optimize your online presence for higher conversion rates. We offer comprehensive digital/online and offline marketing services to reach your customers and increase your audience.


Services DG STUDIO SERVICES We are your one-stop creative agency. Design Develop Market


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