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Getting to Know eTIME : 

Getting to Know eTIME Presented By: Jennifer Usry-Cannida and Allison Wilkinson University System of Georgia Shared Services Center

What Is eTIME : 

What Is eTIME A systematic way of accurately recording time for payroll processing while tracking real time accrual balance and projection data. Along with the every day punch activity, eTIME efficiently tracks: Vacation, Sick and Leave Time Overtime and Compensated Time Additional Straight Time Late and Missed Punches

Time Off Requests : 

Time Off Requests Three forms of time of requests: Vacation Sick Leave FMLA Military Medical Miscellaneous Anyone that receives accruals is eligible to request time off. If an employee has a zero balance, time cannot be requested and must be taken uncompensated.

Time Off Requests : 

Time Off Requests Access to a time off request is located under My Information>My Actions>Monthly Employee-Request Time Off Once this is selected, a separate window will open, displaying the available sick and vacation balances along with the time off request function. From here, you will select the type of request, the range of dates and start time.

Approving a Time Off Request : 

Approving a Time Off Request The Manager will log into eTIME and go to: General>Inbox>Tasks Once here, the Manager will see the active Time Off Request from their employee *NOTE* The manager should have been notified by an automated email that a task to approve/deny was in their inbox. The manager will double click on the request. A separate box will appear with the request.

Canceling a Time Off Request : 

Canceling a Time Off Request An employee can cancel a time off request as long as the date has not passed. If an employee requests time off and for some reason works instead, the time would have to be deleted by the Manager directly on the timecard. Some employees have access to delete their own time, as long as it is in the current pay period. If the pay period has passed, a historical edit would need to be performed to correct this issue.

Approving Timecards : 

Approving Timecards A Manager will approve their employees’ time by going to the QuickFind home page and clicking Find, using only * as the search. From here, all employees that are listed to report to this manager will show up. Select Actions>Select All to highlight the employees. Once all employees are highlighted in yellow, select Actions>Approve. *NOTE* You would follow the same steps to un-approve timecards.

Approval Process : 

Approval Process The employee approves their timecard approximately one week in advance. The Manager approves each direct reports’ time card. The Payroll Administrator at each institution verifies that the time is entered correctly and approved by both parties, then signs off on everyone. The PA then runs reports and exports time to the EV5 payroll processing system and verifies the time detail matches. Totals are sent to the SSC where the payroll is consolidated and confirmed three days prior to pay day. After confirmation from the SSC, ADP processes and funds each employee, accordingly.

What is a Hyperfind Query : 

What is a Hyperfind Query A process within eTIME that allows the creator to filter employees who meet certain criteria, chosen by the user. HQ’s can be found under the Setup>Common Setup>Hyperfind Queries. HQ’s can be made from “scratch” or duplicated from an existing query. These queries can be used to identify employees that are terminated, active, have compensated time, are in a certain pay group, etc.

Compatibility With MACS : 

Compatibility With MACS Can use Safari or Mozilla Firefox to access eTIME Apple sends out Java updates thru their software updates, so it is not necessary to go to Java’s website to upload newer versions. Institution working with MAC systems: Georgia College and State University Verified compatibility of eTIME when using MACS with the above web browsers.

What is a Labor Level Set : 

What is a Labor Level Set A filter set up to determine who a Manager is able to view in eTIME. Located under People>Job Assignment>Manager Role-General>Employee Group>Edit Displays a list of the seven labor levels that each employees’ profile contains. This is called their Primary Labor Account. A manager may be able to view only employees that are direct reports or everyone that is employed within their organization, depending on the access given within the labor level set.

Reports in eTIME : 

Reports in eTIME Reports in eTIME can be used to determine accrual balances, time detail, attendance, hours, punch activity, etc. Some of the most commonly used reports are: Accrual Detail Employee Hours by Labor Account Employee Transactions and Totals Hours By Labor Account Punch Detail Report Time Detail

Reports in eTIME : 

Reports in eTIME Located under the General tab>Reports Reports are split up by Categories Once a report is chosen, the Manager will have the opportunity to select the Hyperfind Query, under Show, to filter who shows up on the report, along with the time period of the information. The time period can be one of the following selections: Current Pay Period/Scheduled Period Previous Pay Period/Scheduled Period Next Pay Period/Scheduled Period Range of Dates Specific Date, Today, Yesterday, Week to Date, Last Week

Questions : 

Questions How to contact us: Jennifer Usry-Cannida: [email protected] Allison Wilkinson: [email protected] Shared Services Center DataHelp Desk: 478-240-6500