5 WordPress SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid


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If you are a newbie and just started out, it is important to have a SEO-optimized blog or website because you want people can't reach to you, unless your website listed in Google in order to grow and make sales/views/etc.


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5 WordPress SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid In this blog I will discuss about the 5 biggest and most common WordPress SEO mistakes that I persistently see while doing some work for new clients. Even if you are a newbie and just started out it is important to have a SEO- optimized blog or website because you want people cant reach to you unless your website listed in Google in order to grow and make sales/views/etc. After going through this blog you will learn how to fix them and you can easily do it on your own. 1. Blocking Search Engines Believe it or not WordPress comes with an option using which you can block search engines from finding your blog or website. It might also happen that

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you accidentally turn the option on making search engines turning away when it comes to your website. If you want to check you’re not blocking search engines in your WP-admin area go on settingsreading and look for “Search Engine Visibility“. Make sure the box NOT checked unless of course you don’t want your website to appear on search results. 2. You Don’t Set Your Time Zone If your WordPress website is new one of the most overlooked options is selecting your time zone under Settings General. If you ever set your site to schedule posts to publish at a certain time you’ll have a rude awakening when you find your article wasn’t published at the right time. So always make sure to make this adjustment to ensure your blog is producing timely content. 3. You Didn’t Link to Your Homepage From Your Footer It should not forgetter. But surprising that so many people forget this At the time of Wordpress website design everybody mention website or business name in their footer so why not link it to your homepage from this anchor text This will help with your internal linking strategy as well as help Google recognize your site through branded anchor text. Doing this won’t cause your site to skyrocket in the rankings but it’s definitely a best practice. 4. You Didn’t Set Permalinks to Post Name

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Google always loves to give people content that’s user-friendly. Means that if you make your permalinks user friendly your permalinks are going to play a small part in how your pages rank and in their click-through rate. Under Settings Permalinks always be sure to select an option where the permalink will include some of the keywords included in the post usually in the H1 tag. 5. Ignoring WordPress Tags WordPress has tags that sort the article into categories. This doesn’t do anything in terms of Google’s SEO but it makes it easier for your readers to search for other articles on your website. Consequently the visitors will spend more time on your site. In WordPress you can easily add tags through specialized plugins such as WP Category Tag Cloud and Simple Tags. Always use tags that relate to your keywords to have a better advantage. WordPress is a great way to go Just make sure you avoid these common SEO mistakes for best practices. Surely you’ll start to see positive results soon. There’s more to SEO than just optimizing WordPress or other websites. If you want to design your website with full of SEO factors but not sure where to begin Visit SEO company San Francisco. Visit us today and improve your WEBSITE RANKING with our guides and free web tools.