Secure Your Wordpress Website With HTTPS

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Secure Your Wordpress Website With HTTPS There are numbers of cyber-attacks cases registered and so many popular websites are getting hacked every day. Due to which it has become mandatory to take into consideration all the possible security measures to safeguard your website from the mischievous cyber attackers and hackers. For that you have to take the first step you should take is to buy SSL certificate and install on your WordPress website. Then secondly you should move your website URLs from HTTP to HTTPS. But first you have to know what HTTPS SSL is.

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You can take help of any experts Wordpress developer otherwise you can do this your own by going through these easy steps. What is HTTPS SSL HTTPS Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure is an encryption method that lets the users access your website over a secure connection. If you are not using HTTPS means the connection is not encrypted and secured the data can get hacked and leaked by illegal access. Hence HTTPS is mandatory to prevent hackers from eavesdropping. SSL Secure Sockets Layer is the standard technology for establishing encrypted links between a web server and a browser in an online communication. The purpose of SSL technology ensures that all data transmitted between the web server and browser remains encrypted. In this blog we will share steps to secure your Wordpress Website with HTTPS. Use https on your WordPress site. Step 1 - Log into WordPress account and go to Plugins First you have to log into your WordPress dashboard and click Plugins in the menu to the left. Then click on Add New at the top of your screen.

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Step 2 - Install the Really Simple SSL plugin Coming to SSL certificate is unique for every site. It assists the web browsers to identify whether the connection is secure and whether the site has been hacked and contains malware or not. If there is any reason of concern your web browser will show your appropriate messages like ‘Your connection is not private’ ‘the website is not secure’ and likewise. SSL certificate has become required for every e-commerce site where a payment gateway is involved. Additionally Google has announced that HTTPS and SSL will boost the ranking of the website on search result pages. To install it first type in Really Simple SSL in the search field then click Install now to install the plugin.

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Step 3 - Activate the plugin Click Go ahead activate SSL Now the plugin is activated and you can start serving your WordPress site via https. Note: If you will receive an error message that SSL has not been detected please contact our support to check if SSL is properly enabled for your domain. Some people are of the opinion that HTTPS and SSL slow down the webpages’ load speed and therefore they apply HTTPS and SSL in specific pages where it is mandatory. To overcome this issue you have to install the plugin named WordPress HTTPSSSL. So install and activate the plugin from DashboaordPlugins Add New Search.

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Step 4 - Done Once the activation is done Open your website in your browser and check if you see the secured padlock. That’s all we hope this blog helped you learn the steps that are needed to secure your Wordpress Website with HTTPS We are reputed Wordpress Website Design Company in San Francisco. We are a passionate WordPress developer team create feature-rich highly-dynamic websites that focus on brand differentiation and engagement.

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