Impact of Technology on Society.

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Impact of Technology on Society : 

Impact of Technology on Society Emily Ollis

Slide 2: 

Technology is growing by leaps and bounds, but what is its impact on society?

Slide 3: 

Let’s look at the way technology has advanced over time…

Slide 4: 

After… Way before… Before… Phones

Slide 5: 

After… Way before… Before… Seminars

Slide 6: 

After… Way before… Before… Directions

Slide 7: 

After… Way before… Before… Mail

Slide 8: 

After… Way before… Before… Games

Slide 9: 

After… Way before… Before… Meetings

Slide 10: 

But more aspects of society have been impacted beyond those listed.

Slide 11: 

Watch this video of a high school senior explaining how technology has helped her in the classroom.

Slide 13: 

The automotive industry has seen change as well. Watch this video showing how robots have helped produce cars more efficiently than humans, alone.

Slide 15: 

The impact of technology has been great on our society, and in the coming years it will continue to grow as it has for a decade.

Slide 16: 

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