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I pulled together some photos of Shane to remember him by... Hope you enjoy


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To Shane:

To Shane Blue:)

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Shane’s 8 th grade yearbook picture

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< Shane

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Our 2010 EG baseball team

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Shane, Bryan Ahearn, Vinny S., my brother Mitch, and I at back to school night in 6 th grade

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Shane, Jake Miller, Danny, part of Nick Guglietti , and I on our 2 nd grade field trip

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You are more Shane, than anyone could ask for. You were willing to do things for people who never even asked, and you made everyone proud. You will never be forgotten. Everyone loved you and cared for you. I enjoyed baseball, Science, and probably every moment I had with you, and I value it all so much now. I admired your integrity, you always seemed to know what the right choice for every situation was. I made this in memory of you, but also for Jordan R. I saw him in third period English, and saw how much he cared about you. I can tell how much he loved you, and so did everyone else. Thanks for all the funny jokes that never did any harm to anyone, but only made us laugh. I walked into science today and I was just waiting for that warm, welcoming smile to cut across your face… but I never saw it. You were Legendary, 30-0. We love you Shane, never forget it. He never got to see this… he lived it From Sean Burnham 2/2/11 Shane,