The Ultimate Guide To Necklines And Necklaces

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slide 1: The Ultimate Guide To Necklines And Necklaces When it comes to jewellery the first thing that comes to one’s mind is an engagement ring because of the high sentimental value. Apart from the gigantic wedding ring it is the necklace that is the most eye-catching piece of jewellery one can wear. Necklaces draw attention to the necklines and the face and hence choosing the right necklace with the right neckline becomes imperative. They accentuate your personal style and complement the outfit really well. It also depends upon the necklace design and made. For example a diamond necklace emits an aura of formality as well as brings the element of status. When it comes to necklines we are very well aware of the necklines that flatter our style. The tricky part is to get the right necklace. Off-shoulder dresses whether traditional or western are ahead on the fashion scale with the collarbones and shoulders exposed. Such necklines call for a statement choker that draws attention up to the face. The occasion will be highly responsible in deciding what kind of choker shall you choose. A formal event would require a delicate choker whereas a ball would need studded diamond choker. Traditional functions call for gold jewellery and gold chokers are beautifully studded with stones and diamonds. One other classic and favourite neckline is the turtleneck. The turtleneck brings warmth and add a different kind of style to your ensemble. The right string necklace draws the eyes to the center and down. If it is multi-levelled then even better. Sweetheart neckline even though is not very often worn because it doesn’t suit everyones style but is one of the prettiest necklines. To complement this look one needs to stick to simple collar neck pieces with the pendant that goes with the curve of the neckline. Crew necks are everyone’s favourite and a classic. Various types of necklaces go with the crew neck but you can always stick to collar necklaces to give a chic vibe. Collar necklaces would give an instant style spur and an edgy element. Asymmetrical necklines usually draw immediate attention to the neck and hence pairing the right necklace will be the cherry on the cake. Since asymmetrical necklines already have too much going on in terms of style it would be great if one could stick to simple pendant necklaces as it balances out the entire look. It effectively brings out the dazzle and the sparkle of the pendant. When it comes to plunging necklines the torso looks elongated. At such times a studded long-line necklace will be the perfect addition. There are various gold necklace designs available that are long- lined and definitely have the right shine with diamonds and lustrous nature. Curation of necklines and necklaces entirely depends on the upcoming fashion and jewellery trends. Hence whenever a new necklace design is in trend the stylists figure out the right fashion ensemble for it. Or it can be vice versa where a new fashion trend gave

slide 2: birth to a new jewellery trend. In conclusion it is with trial and error along with the internet references from the celebrities that shape up our style.

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