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Owing to our vast experience in this domain, we are able to offer valuable Car Detailing Services in Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND.


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DETAIL KING Professional Car Detailing

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What Is Car Detailing The art of Professional Car Detailing is mostly about restoring the car to its original state new car. Car Detailing is an intensive job that requires dedication and precision many times more than washing a car. Car washing involves a system where we are able to clean the outside of it. But a car detailing also includes external and internal cleaning.

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What Services are Included in Professional Car Detailing We are able to provide the best services for professional Car Detailing with the highest quality. Anyone can clean their car from the inside out but a good cleaning does not mean removing visible parts of it. Much of the damage or debris our car has is almost invisible.

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Exterior Professional Car Cleaning

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Exterior wash and dry This type of process has to do mostly with washing and drying the machine by hand. The detailer will spray the exterior of the car with qualified and specialized products. It includes washing windows doors and all exterior parts of the car.

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Paint Claying Clay strips are used to remove contaminants after the car has been washed. Claying results in clean and smooth surfaces which is able to increase the effectiveness of polishing and waxing.

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Polishing To remove the small damaged layers of clothing of our car we will need polishing. This will make the small scratches on the paint disappear and our car will look clean.

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Sealing or Waxing To achieve the proper shine of the car you need a protective layer in the color of the car but in some cases the wax is also used.

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Interior Professional Car Cleaning

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Vacuuming The interior of the car is able to collect unwanted dirt but a good cleaning is to use a vacuum cleaner.

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Scrubbing and Brushing This point relies on removing stains on various parts of the car carpets mats etc.

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Steam Cleaning A good steam cleaner is a more effective method of removing hard stains in the car.

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Glass Cleaning Glass is a visible part of the car and a good cleaning of it would be able to positively affect the appearance of the car.

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Additional Car Detailing Services

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Paint Correction Paint Correction is a process that removes imperfections in the topcoat of car paint making the car look new. Detail King uses a rotating machinery polisher to ensure the best ink correction and making everything perfect.

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Ceramic Coating Ceramic coating is a unique and unique coating. She is able to protect our car and make it look like new. The brilliance and beauty that she is able to give are unique.

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PPF–Paint Protection Film Paint Protection film is able to protect our car from external damage such as small scratches UV light acid rain etc. The services offered by it are approximate with ceramic coating.

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