Car Cleaning Mistakes That You Need To Avoid


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Hire a Car detailing Services provider. Apart from knowing how to clean your vehicle correctly, you also need to know the most common car cleaning mistakes that you need to avoid.


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Cleaning your car inside and out is among the major chores on several homeowners weekend to-do lists. So if you are planning to clean your car on your day off you must make sure that you do it right. For those who have no time or just do not want to do this task this is another option. Hire a Car detailing Services provider. Apart from knowing how to clean your vehicle correctly you also need to know the most common car cleaning mistakes that you need to avoid.

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Dont Wash It in the Hot Sun Many people think that washing the car in the sun is great. But the truth is this practice can cause water spots because a sunny day can dry your car. Experts suggest that you get this chore done in the morning or in the evening when there is less direct sunlight. Never Use Dish Soap Just stop whatever it is you are doing Dish soap and your car do not work well together. Dish detergent works really well in the kitchen but you should never use it on your car. Its effect is too harsh on the cars paint and could lead to scratches that appear like spider webs. One Bucket of Water Is Not Enough When washing your car you cant expect to just use one bucket. You should have two. You need one for soapy water and another one that you will use for rinsing. If you use only one bucket of water for washing and rinsing your car there is big possibility that you will scratch the paint with dirt. Apart from that having a clean bucket makes sure that all soap will be washed away as you finish this task. Cleaning the Bottom First In case you are cleaning the exterior of your car haphazardly in each direction like from left to right and from bottom to top then you be definitely doing yourself a disservice. If you dont want to see streaks then you have to clean your vehicle from top to bottom because water will not run on to dry areas while you are in the middle of washing. You also need to clean in a single direction because doing so will help prevent scratches.

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Neglecting the Tires As you know tires are among the dirtiest parts of your car and that is why you have to clean it regularly. Keep in mind that tires rotate and if dirt and mud sticks onto the wheel then they might get onto the other parts of your car. So you cant just leave your tires all dirty and muddy. Ignoring the Antenna If your vehicle has an antenna that will retract into the vehicle whenever you turn off the engine. When this happens all the filth in the antenna will be dragged into the interior. One simple thing you can do to prevent this from happening is to get a wax paper and use it to rub the antenna. It will provide it with a protective coat that will repel gunk. Disregarding the Cup Holders Cup holders are often among the neglected parts of the car when it comes to cleaning. A dirty cup holder harbors bacteria especially if drinks have been spilled even at least once. Take any removable plastic and then throw it into the dishwasher and leave them there for 20 minutes. Once that is done wipe them clean. If the cup holders are not removable clean it with soapy warm and a bit of elbow grease. Missing the Dashboard You touch your dashboard more often than you know plus the sun shines directly on it which germs love the most and тhe vents pull and push air out which helps bacteria to circulate. Because those vents push air into your face as well you should clean it using disinfecting wipes on a regular basis.

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ROLLING DOWN WET WINDOWS You need as long as three hours for your car to dry completely after cleaning. A lot of car owners do not know this and because of that they eventually end up rolling down their car windows prematurely. Because of this water streaks will be visible on your newly washed exterior. Washing your car does more than just make it look nice. It helps lengthen its lifespan by getting rid of contaminants that may cause corrosion. Paint helps protect the body panels of your vehicle from the elements. However the cars underside has it tough since it is always exposed to water grime and dirt that eventually cause the formation of rust. All these are only a few reasons why you need to clean your car regularly. If you are not like some who have some spare time to clean their cars themselves then you should consider getting a Car Detailing Services.

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