Why is Detailing Important? | A Beginner's Guide to Car Detailing


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Car detailing involves cleaning a car's exterior and interiors thoroughly. Not just cleaning, it involves using products to protect it from future harm and give it a new look. It will keep the car look clean and will also help keep it in excellent condition, retaining more sale value.


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www.detailking.nz Welcome To Detailking

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www.detailking.nz About US Auto Detailing by our standards is the practice of carrying out extremely and thorough polishing and cleaning of an automobile, both the interior and the exterior, to produce a high-quality level of auto detailing. Our detailing service revolves around typical aesthetics and extends to areas such as protection & sealant, minor paint repair, surface restoration and the careful and thorough cleaning of the salient parts of your automobile which are most times, ignored.

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www.detailking.nz Why is Detailing Important?

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www.detailking.nz A car that has been regularly detailed holds much more value than one that has not. Not only does a regularly detailed car appear more valuable to a potential buyer, but it also provides a clear indication that you as a car owner took great care of the car, which speaks to how you maintained the mechanical aspects of it.

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www.detailking.nz Simply put, a potential buyer will look at a regularly detailed car and see one that is clean, comfortable, and that probably runs well.

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www.detailking.nz Appearance:

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www.detailking.nz Sure, you want your car to get you where you’re going, but you also want to look good while on the road. Regular car detailing ensures that your vehicle—and you by extension—look great all the time.

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www.detailking.nz Your car is a reflection on you, so if you want to look your best, keep it properly maintained.

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www.detailking.nz Protection from Sun Damage:

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www.detailking.nz Under the intense heat of the sun, your car’s paint and interior can fade, chip, blister, or crack. Regular detailing involves waxing and applying protectants to the interior and exterior that will keep the sun’s rays from harming sensitive surfaces.

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www.detailking.nz Think of it as sun screen for your car.

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www.detailking.nz Comfort:

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www.detailking.nz When it comes to driving and riding in a vehicle, comfort is key. If your car’s seats are dirty, the dash and surfaces are covered with filth, and the scent of month old French fries is lingering, neither you nor your passengers will be comfortable.

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www.detailking.nz In the end, regular car detailing is a question of class and style. If you want a car that is clean, comfortable, great looking, and valuable, then you want it detailed.

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www.detailking.nz Car detailing is a process that you can accomplish yourself, but done properly, it requires a lot of time, equipment, and know-how. The wrong interior treatment, for example, could ruin your leather seats. Or a improper wax job can actually make your car look worse.

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