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you need to consider whether you will use the towel radiator to dry towels. If you do, you may need to add an extra 5% to cover this.


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HOW TO MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE IN BATHROOM HEATING Everybody has realised that in a modern bathroom towel radiators are a very useful addition. Not only will they keep the bathroom at a reasonable temperature, but they will also keep towels off the ground, dry and warm. If you are interested in installing one of these in your bathroom there are several options available to you as far as their operation is concerned. The first is a radiator that can be plumbed into your existing heating system. In the winter this is no problem, but when the summer comes you will be without a towel warmer.

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In a hot climate this poses no problem but in our wet and windy climate you will be stuck once again with towels that get damp and fusty. There is nothing worse than when your teenagers have been in the bathroom and just dump damp towels on the floor. We all know how long they spend in there anyway, primping and preening. Your next option is to have a dual fuel appliance fitted that can run on both your heating system and on electricity when the heating goes off for the summer months. The above two systems will cause you some upheaval as the floor will have to be taken up to accommodate the pipes running from your boiler to the bathroom.

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The last option is to have an all-electric rail fitted which does not need extensive plumbing as it is a sealed unit with an electrical element built within. These are the easiest to fit as they merely need an electrical point somewhere nearby. It is best that all the options are fitted by a professional plumber, unless you can be bothered with the work or are a handyman. Once you have decided on which system to use, it is time to choose a heated rail that best suits the size and the décor of your bathroom. If the bathroom is small, as most modern bathrooms are, you may want to install a vertical ladder heater. These take up less wall room and they can hold several towels at any one time. If you already have a radiator in your bathroom (or kitchen) you may want to buy one of the mirrors with an electrical element behind it. This will keep the mirror free from condensation, whilst at the same time keeping a nice temperature. As you can imagine, these heaters will take very little room as they are hung flat against a wall.

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If your bathroom is large, you need to know that these towel heaters may not heat it adequately. In this case you may have to have a radiator installed to keep the room nice and warm. After all you do not want to be wet and cold in the winter months. As always, for convenience and choice, it is best to have a look on-line as there are many good bargains to be had there. Delivery is also often prompt, within a few days of purchase.

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