Why SSL and HTTPS are Important on your Website?


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Activating SSL certificates for your business or personal websites are incredible. Installing them is easy and quick. This presentation will help you to take full advantage of the HTTPS revolution, and add an extra layer of security for your website visitors and gain their trust.


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Why SSL and HTTPS are Important on your Website? :

Why SSL and HTTPS are Important on your Website?


Over 70% of the world's population now use internet across various devices from desktops to laptops, tablets and other mobile devices. As the usage of smartphones are on the rise, the ease of access to internet has become handier. Everything from social media, banking, e-mails and other online transactions started to be available at fingertips. So did it give rise to the issues with safety and security of the personal data over any insecure platforms or websites? The mandate with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate came into force to protect all the websites that secured this certificate with an "HTTPS" along the address bar.


What is an SSL Certificate? SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer (SSL). It is a security protocol which allows encrypted communication between a web server and internet browser. It encrypts all data transmitted between a server and the user using an encryption key that is placed on the server. If your website doesn’t have an SSL certificate, then a secure connection can’t be established. This means that the information transmitted is not connected to a cryptographic key . What are the things included in an SSL certificate? An SSL Certificate usually includes the following information:


Name of the certificate holder The certificate’s serial number and expiry date A copy of the certificate holder’s public key The digital signature of the certificate-issuing authority Why do you need an SSL Certificate? SSL or Secure Socket Layer Certificate is the first step to making your website secure from all vulnerable online threats. It is used to encrypt the information transferred across the Internet and lets your website visitors to navigate over a secure connection.


An SSL certificate is a visible mark of protection through an "HTTPS" and a green padlock which appears on the address bar to build trust and promote a healthy security-centric web experience. SSL encryption is crucial when sensitive personal information is entered on a website, online purchase or blog. However, an SSL certificate goes beyond just data encryption. It is: A powerful symbol of trust to signal your visitors Help increase sales Submit forms with personal information Initiate anything you require from your website.


How Does SSL Work? When a visitor navigates to your secure website, your website sends the SSL certificate to visitor’s browser with the key needed to begin a secure session. This initiates the SSL “handshake” and allows for secure transfer of information between your website and browser. What is HTTPS? HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. HTTPS is the secure version of HTTP, the protocol used for communication between your website and the internet browser a visitor is using .


HTTPS means that all communication between your website and the browser being used is encrypted, meaning none of the data from your visitors will be tampered with or forged. When your website is secured with an SSL certificate, HTTPS will appear in your website’s URL. Why is it critical to switch your website to HTTPS? There are three reasons to switch your website from 'http'(insecure) to 'https'(secure). First is authentication, which helps you to verify ownership of your website. Second is Data Integrity which helps you to protect your data while in transit. Third is encryption, which ensures security of communication between the client and the server so that no one else can read them.


Conclusion Securing your website is a necessity if you want to be competitive online and build trust with your customers. Making the switch from http to https sooner rather than later will benefit your website and business exponentially . Related Topics Visit: https:// www.designdirectuk.com/blog https://www.designdirectuk.com

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