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It is one of the treatments performed..

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Dental Crowns AT

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A dental crown basically defines a cap that fits over a tooth damaged by neglect, cracks, chips or decay Crowns are often needed when a large cavity threatens the ongoing health of a tooth. These caps are therefore shaped to provide total coverage over the damaged area of the tooth. Typically made of acrylic or porcelain, can be fused to metal (such as gold or silver), and then glued over broken or damaged tooth surfaces Can also be used to fill in a space between teeth Dental Crowns

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Absolutely Natural Looking Stain Resistant Durable Protects a worn tooth Restore self-confidence Gives Perfect Smile Advantages of Dental Crowns

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At Dentzz , we have a handpicked team of the finest aesthetic dentists. They have received advanced training in the art of a smile makeover from all over the world like UK, USA and Germany, and are completely committed and immersed in this art form. The technology and the materials we use are impeccable. Our design motto is to give you the best aesthetics possible, without crossing over the forbidden line where your smile starts to look artificial. We have performed over 5000 successful cases of smile makeovers and counting . Our client list includes majority of the Bollywood celebrities, well-known personalities, ministers, international diplomats and many VIPs. Dentzz Dental- An Ideal Choice

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