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DenHaus - Homes for Pets offers the finest DenHaus pet furniture including wooden dog crates & designer dog crates that create a safe and comfortable environment so you and your pet can live happily together.


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DenHaus Home for Pets. Designs for People Call 1-877-211-7438 to get Home for your pets Visit us:

Why DenHaus Dens…:

Why DenHaus Dens… DenHaus Dens are dog crates + beautiful furniture in one Lasts a Lifetime Genius Design Saves Space Beautiful, Fits Your Decor

Lasts a Lifetime :

Lasts a Lifetime Strong materials mean no need to replace Removable and lockable interior door panel Washable microfiber bed cover is reversible to change with home décor over the years

TownHaus Wood Dog Crate Furniture:

TownHaus Wood Dog Crate Furniture

Genius Design Saves Space:

Genius Design Saves Space Doubles as furniture Uses precious living space efficiently Doors easily removable to clear pathways for you and your dog

ZenHaus Designer Dog Furniture:

ZenHaus Designer Dog Furniture

Beautiful, Fits Your Decor:

Beautiful, Fits Your Decor Fits in with your other beautiful furniture Modern and classic styles Super Comfortable and easy to clean

BowHaus Modern Dog Furniture:

BowHaus Modern Dog Furniture

Thanks for Visiting:

Thanks for Visiting We look forward to serving you. E-mail: [email protected] Toll free phone number: 1-877-211-7438