How to Check If Your Dell Laptop Fan is Working or Not

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How to Check If Your Dell Laptop Fan is Working or Not: This Document will explain you about dell laptop issues and its functionally properly. We have brought the information in proper details to make anyone understand.


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How to Check if Your Dell Laptop Fan is working or Not The fan is the most important part of your Dell laptop. You may not be able to see on a daily basis but it is an essential part of your Dell laptop that helps you keep your laptop cool. If your fan malfunctions for any reason it will cause your laptop to get overheated. Checking if your laptop works or not is one of the Must Do tasks you are expected to undertake at regular intervals. How To Check whether your Dell Laptop fan is working or not We will go through the causes that may make your fan malfunction and the ways with which you can keep your fan working to its best of the abilities. How to Check if Your Dell Laptop Fan is Working or Not You can check if the fan is working by going for the physical inspection. The steps involved should be quite easy to follow as they do not need much of the technical expertise. However if you are unable for any reason to pin point the exact the status of your Dell Laptop fan you can get in touch with Reputed Dell Laptop Repair Center in your locality for guidance. Follow the below-mentioned options to check if your Dell Laptop fan is working or not. 1. Check for the Noise Listen for the sound. In fact the fan may not make a huge sound when you switch your laptop on the first time. It would be running at its slowest speed when it does not need to cool the internals. When your laptop reaches the optimum temperature it may begin to run faster giving out an audible sound. The noise emanating from your laptop fan should be quite quiet and audible only in a quieter atmosphere. If it makes screeching sounds or irregular pulsating sounds that can be an indication of a fan that does not work properly. 2. Check the air at vent Whether you can hear the sound coming from your laptop or not check if you can feel the air that comes out of the vents. The air flow can be quite low initially and will pick up as the laptop reaches the normal temperature. The fan at this point begins expelling the air from the main vent. If you experience no air flow and if you find that the laptop is silent – it could well mean that the fan is broken. There may be the cases when you may hear the fan working but there is no air flow from the

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vent. This can be an indication that there is some sort of obstruction. Check if blowing compressed air through the vents solves the issue. 3. Check the Temperature Even with a working fan your laptop may not cool off as expected. Overheating issues even with the fan working can indicate a malfunctioning fan. It can be an indication of a hardware issue. The motor may have an issue. High-end laptops may show temperature reading. If your laptop does not come with such an option you can go for a third party hardware program. If the program shows high temperature constantly it could be a clear indication of a malfunctioning fan. Use Speedfan Utility to Check your Dell Laptop Fan SpeedFan is a software program that can be helpful in getting your Dell laptop fan identified for any malfunctions. Follow the steps indicated here below to check your Dell Laptop fan with the SpeedFan utility.  Download the SpeedFan utility from the link  Install the application on your laptop.  Once the installation is done you may need to reboot your laptop for the changes to take effect.  After your laptop reboots launch the SpeedFan application.  Click on the Readings tab. The readings should give you a a clear status of the condition of your laptop fan. If you find it not working as it should consult technical support. The Speed Fan utility also lets you increase the speed of your fan through its interface. Increase the speed in gradual steps and check for any audible differences that can help you identify any issues if present. If there are any issues you can get help from a Reputed Dell Service Center in Mumbai nearest to you. How important is the functioning of the fan Well as we said before the fan is an integral part of your laptop. A malfunctioning fan can cause your laptop to overheat. If it is not taken care of in time the overheating can damage the internal parts. It would be most important to take care of the issues at the earliest. You can avoid the overheating by properly positioning the laptop. Ensure not to place it on your lap for prolonged periods. Never place the laptop on the bed while you work on it. The soft fabric may not be conducive to the proper dissipation of heat. Always place the laptop on a hard surface. If your laptop fan stops when you switch on your laptop the first time shut it down and reboot it after around 2 to 3 minutes. Your fan should start working.

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Avoiding the usage of your laptop in dusty environments can also help you keep your Dell laptop fan in proper shape. Accumulation of dust can obstruct the free passage of air thereby defeating the main purpose of using the fan on a laptop. It would be a good idea to get your laptop fan cleaned up once every three years. If you cannot do it yourself you can consult a Dell After Warranty Laptop Service Center for a proper guidance and execution of the maintenance of your Dell laptop fan. Please note that the laptop fan may stop working when your laptop is running on battery and the battery capacity goes low. Most of the laptops come with a setting that slows down the fan when you run the laptop on battery so that the battery can be preserved for a longer backup. Parting Thoughts The fan is an essential part of your Dell laptop. Do ensure that it works as per the guidelines. Avoid getting your laptop overheated which can result in serious issues if not handled in time. Like they say A stitch in time saves nine proper care of your Dell laptop fan can help you get years of trouble free service. Contact Us: Phone – 9717156898 / 9717150098 Website - Official Shared by Laptop Repair Home Service Blog

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