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What is SEO?:

What is SEO? Search engine optimization (SEO) is often making small modifications to the web pages to upgrade the ranking of the website Author : Deepti Kulkarni


ANALYSIS IN SEO: On page seo : off page activity 1.Title : - Should relevant to the content. - Displayed in search results. - Present in title tag. - Unique and accurate title. - use brief but descriptive titles. - accurately describes page content. 2. Meta tag: - might be a sentence or two or a paragraph. 3.Use of url : - Url should contain relevant words, this provides users & search engine with more information about the page.

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4.Content: - Easy to read text. - Stay organized. - Create fresh unique content. 5. Images: - Optimize your use of images. - Use alt tag for images. 6.Heading tags: - Use h1 to h6 heading tags. 7.Avoid stop words: - Avoid words like in ,and ,if ,or etc… 8.Text on image: - Crawler cant read text on background image.

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Micro data/ structured data: Your web page have an underline meaning that people can understand when they read the web pages. But, search engine have limited meaning of what is being discussed on those pages. By adding additional tags to the html of your pages, that tags say to the search engine that, this information describes the specific person,video,location,movie etc. Micro data vocabularies provides the semantics or a meaning of an item. Web developer can design custom vocabularies. A commonly used mark-up vocabularies are provided by search engines rely upon this.

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Off page seo : Daily activity Social networking Blogging url submission Pdf submission Video submision Forums Image sharing Ppt sharing Ad posting

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