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Communication & Principles of Effective Writing

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Introduction Communication derive from a Latin Word ‘Communicare ’ which means ‘to impart’ ‘to share’ ‘to make common’. It may be defined as an exchange of facts, ideas, opinion or emotions between two or more people.

What is communication : 

What is communication Peter Little in his book ‘Communication in Business’ defines communication as follows: ‘Communication is the process by which information is transmitted between individual and /or organisation so that an understanding response result.’

Process of Communication : 

Process of Communication Communication process gets started as soon as we decide to convey a fact an idea, an emotion or an opinion to others.

Process of Communication : 

Process of Communication A person who starts the communication is called the sender or the source. The matter he communicate is called ‘message’. This message is ‘encoded’ in a suitable set of symbol and transmitted to other person called ‘receiver’ through appropriate medium or channel. The receiver receives the message, decodes it’ i.e. understand or interpret it and gives a suitable response.

Process of Communication : 

Process of Communication Sender Encoding Message Medium or channel Receiver Decoding Feedback

Medium of Communication : 

Medium of Communication Written Communication Oral Communication Visual communication Audio visual communication

Written Communication : 

Written Communication Message conveyed through written forms like letters, circulars, memorandums, telegrams, notices, minutes etc. constitute written communication.

Advantages of written communication : 

Advantages of written communication Accuracy Better Understanding Permanent Record Legal Validity Assignment of Responsibility Wide Range

Limitations of Written Communication : 

Limitations of Written Communication Lack of Spontaneity Time Consuming Delayed Feed back More Expensive

Skills of Effective writing : 

Skills of Effective writing Accuracy Brevity Clarity of Thought Clarity of Expression Use familiar words Use concrete words Avoid long and complicated sentences Avoid Jargons Avoid Unnecessary idioms and phrases

7 Cs of written communication : 

7 Cs of written communication Candidness Clarity Completeness Conciseness Concreteness Correctness Courtesy

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