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Business Letters

Enquiries : 

Enquiries Letters of enquiries are usually written to find out the cheapest and the best source of supply of goods and services. When we wish to seek information about the quality, the price, availability, terms and conditions, mode of payment guarantee, after sales services etc. from a supplier or a manufacturer you write letter of enquiries.

Types of Enquiries : 

Types of Enquiries Solicited Enquiry Unsolicited Enquiry Enquiry for Some Favour Routine Enquiry

Solicited Enquiry : 

Solicited Enquiry This type of enquiry is made in response to the seller’s advertisement and publicity.

Unsolicited Enquiry : 

Unsolicited Enquiry Such type of enquiry is made at the buyers’ own initiatives.

Enquiry for Some Favour : 

Enquiry for Some Favour An enquiry not about goods but also some other information , may be some special price or some favorable terms.

Routine Enquiry : 

Routine Enquiry Routine Enquiry is made by some old buyer in usual course of business.

Essentials for Enquiry : 

Essentials for Enquiry While making the first enquiry it is better to introduce yourself and tell the seller as to how you have came to know about him. Describe your needs clearly and precisly. You may begin with the question or question you want to ask. Cont…

Essentials for Enquiry : 

Essentials for Enquiry Cont… Give an idea about the quantity you wish to buy. Ask for price list and catalogue. Ask for favourable terms and conditions. Ask for sample if necessary

Content : 

Content What do you want Could you please send us … We will be happy to receive … Why you want it (background) Mr Sharma of xxx Recommended you to us because of the quality of your product. We supply .. equipment to … Your .. are said to use .. much more efficient.

Content : 

Content Your appreciation We appreciate your help. Thank you for your help. Closing We look forward to hearing from you. Your prompt reply will be very much appreciated.

Example : 

Example HAPPY HOME DEPARTMENTAL STORE Pachim Vihar New Delhi Reference: HHDS/101 4 June 2010 The Manager, Nav Bharat Electrical Ltd. Main Bazar, Gandhi Nagar Delhi Dear Sir, We read with interest your advertisement in Hindustan Times of 17th May and are impressed with by the range of your electrical appliances. We are leading departmental store in our area and are interested in increasing our range of home appliances. There is a very good demand of such appliances here and is likely to pickup further more in the coming festival season. Will you please send us a copy of latest illustrated catalogue along with current price list for the whole sale purchase. Since our requirements are likely to be considerable, Kindly quote your most favourable terms and conditions especially related to payment schedule, discounts and warranty. We look forward to an early reply. Yours Sd/- (Karan Kohli) Purchase Officer

Quotations : 

Quotations Quotations are specific enquiries through which we wish to find out the rates, the delivery period, terms and conditions etc. of specific items. It is customary in the Government departments and business organizations to invite quotations from several suppliers before placing an order. Comparative charts or statements are prepared once offers are received from seller.

Essentials of Quotations : 

Essentials of Quotations The writer should clearly and precisely describe his need. He should mention the detailed specifications such as shape, size quality of goods he requires. The seller should be requested to quote his price and terms of payment. If necessary, sample may be asked. The buyer should asked about guarantee and warranty.

Example : 

Example Rohini Polytechnic For Women Sector-19, Rohini,Delhi Tel………… Fax……… Ref: WSEP/99 M/s Kohli Bros. 33, Darya Ganj New Delhi Sub : Quotation for Workshop Equipments Dear Sir, We wish to buy the following equipments for our workshops. Kindly quote your lowest rates for these items, giving full particulars and technical details. The quantity we proposes to buy is indicated against each items: S. No. Item Specification Quantity required …. ……….. …………………. ………………….. …. ……….. …………………. ………………….. …. ……….. …………………. ………………….. While quoting please indicate the delivery time ,terms and conditions, guarantee period and after sales services offered by you. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Yours ( Mr. Madhur Chadha) Principal

Replies of Enquires & Quotations : 

Replies of Enquires & Quotations While replying to enquiries thank the prospective customer at the outset. Answer all the questions raised by the prospective customer in a straight forward manner. If you are enclosing documents, catalogue, list and brochure mention it clearly. If necessary canvassing for the goods by drawing his attention to the salient features of your products. You may for instance ,refer to the quality of the material, workmanship, finish, durability, excellence design, warranty, after sale services, lower price and so on.

Do not forget to mention : 

Do not forget to mention Mode and terms of payment Place and time of supply Mode of transport Charges on account of sales-tax, insurance etc. Packing Guarantee and after sale service.

Complaint Letter : 

Complaint Letter Quite often you received wrong, damaged or defective goods. The supplier may overcharged you or may have unduly delayed the fulfillment of the order. You, naturally feel angry and disappointed. Don’t lose your temper. Write a polite but firm letter to the supplier and ask him to make good your losses and to compensate adequately.

Essentials : 

Essentials Begin by regretting the need to complaint. Mention the date of order, the date of delivery, the goods complained and other necessary. Give a clear description of the problem, the mistake or the defect. Explain the nature and extent of inconvenience or loss caused in terms of money, sale, service, goodwill or comfort etc. Appeal to the reader’s sense of fair play, honesty reputation with a view to motivation him to take necessary steps quickly.

Content : 

Content Background (Date, amounts, a/c no, product…) We have received our goods but … Details (96) Give details of your complaint On checking xx I discovered that it did not work. Mention your inconvenience Your delay in repairing our machines is bring our production to a standstill.

Content : 

Content Corrective action (what you want to correct the situation) We trust you will arrange for a new invoice to be issued in the near future. We would appreciate your looking into this matter and arranging for delivery within the next two days. Your position (optional – what you do if not granted) If you do not refund all of the money I have paid, I shall have no choice but to seek legal advice in the matter.

Adjustment Letter : 

Adjustment Letter Never consider a complaint letter a nuisance which needs to be ignored. On the other hand, it offers you an opportunity to re-examine your working and make the system more efficient

Essentials : 

Essentials Thanks the customer for calling attention to the difficulty, defect, damage or mistake. Apologies for the trouble and inconvenience caused and explain briefly how it was caused. Don’t shift blames to other. Accept your responsibility. If the claim is justified offer adjustment.

Essentials : 

Essentials If the claim is unjustified do not suggest that customer is dishonest, negligent or insincere. Instead ,explain to him why his claim cannot be accepted. Assure the customer of full satisfaction in future. Request the customer to continue his faith in you. Be polite if the customer is rude.

Content : 

Content Acknowledgement Thank you for writing to inform me of this. Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. Action taken and findings (say what you found and may be the cause) Having checked with the Production Department, it is clear that … The delay was due to …

Adjustment 2 : 

Adjustment 2 Decision Justified not our resp The delay was due to Typhoon …. Our resp I apologise for the inconvenience casused How to prevent We will improve our …. Unjustified Why not I regret that we cannot be held responsible for the damage caused by your staff. Suggest solution Please consider

Adjustment 3 : 

Adjustment 3 Compensation or a compromise Emphasise your effort to do a good job We always take all our customers’ comments seriously. Offer compensation I have arranged a full refund to be made within two days. Cash coupon, discount Offer compromise and maintain relationship As it is clear that you have been inconvenienced by this situation, we are prepared to offer you a 20% discount on your next order.

Collection Letter : 

Collection Letter You should always write a thanks to a customer who makes payment promptly. But sometime for some reason or the other your customer fails to make payment on time. This may upset your shedule or make it difficulty to meet your own commitments.

Essentials : 

Essentials At first write a polite letter enclosing the copy of accounts statements or bill. Follow it up with letter explaining why you need the payment so urgently or why you are unable to give extra grace time. In case he fails to settle his account after several reminders, warn him of the action you propose to take.

Essentials : 

Essentials Appeal to his sense of fair play, honesty and responsibility. Explain how strong action would adversely affect his reputation and goodwill in the market.

Content : 

Content Thanks Thank you for choosing xx services. Notifying It has come to our attention that…. According to our records, we have not received your July payment of HK$ 340. Reminding Please be reminded that … If you have recently mailed your cheque to us, we thank you. If not, please send it in quickly.

Collection 2 : 

Collection 2 Request Please credit the appropriate amount into your account. Please contact us at 212121 to discuss this payment, or send us your cheque for HK$250 right away. Warning We would have no alternative but to consider legal proceeding against you. Closing We are happy to be of service to you.

Example : 

Example Polite reminder for payment Dear sir, Our accounts show that a balance of Rs. 50,000 is now overdue by more than a month. We sent you a reminder last week, but perhaps it has escaped your notice. We are enclosing another copy of statement .We request you to send your cheque for the entire amount within the next few days. Yours faithfully,

Sales Letter : 

Sales Letter Sales letter is the most effective and least expensive when we wish to approach a smaller and select number of people.

Steps : 

Steps Arouse Interest Create Desire Convince that your offer is the best Motivate the reader to act quickly.

Essentials : 

Essentials Pay special attention to the opening paragraph Striking Statement Point to some significant fact Quote words of an important person Appeal to self esteemor future prospects Narrate an incident on an anecdote or simply ask a question

Openings : 

Openings If you are looking for means of cutting your fuel cost by 20%, you should read the following. You can earn extra 500/- per month with just a little extra work. Are you nervous when asked to make a speech?

Openings : 

Openings We wish to have the attention of smart, young men like you want to achive success in the corporate world as executives. Why does your baby cry at night?

Main Body : 

Main Body Explain the quality of the products Focus on the special features and try to convince that your claims are true. Offer guarantee, free sample, discounts etc. Motivate the reader to act quickly. Offer him friendly help, assure him that dealing with you will be trouble free.

Ending : 

Ending Just send a SMS to 5757.Our representative will call you on a date and time convenient to you. We are just a SMS away. But don’t write negative ending like: 1. You will regret your decision if you don’t order now. 2. Don’t miss the opportunity.

Example : 

Example Dear Sir, You would like to have a sleek shining new car. Your wife wants to furnish the house according to the latest fashion trends. Children's would prefer an expensive Play station. But where would the money come from? We have an excellent credit scheme for you that meets all the requirements and does give any headache. Our bank has introduced a special scheme for executives like you who have steady income but not the ready cash right now. We offer you a loan upto Rs.10,00,000 without any guarantee. We charge just 13% interest on monthly reducing basis and you can pay it in as many installments as you like. More importantly, you don’t have to run about from place to place in search of loan. Our representative will call on you at a time most convenient to you. He will help you in filling up the form, take your photograph and answer all the queries that you may have. He will even help you in locating the right barging for you. We may add that over 90,000 ambitious and bright young people like you. We guaranteed best services in the financial market. Just send SMS to 5858 us today or pickup your cell and call us any of the following numbers 1234512,1547821,5247852 Warm regards ………………

Any Question??? : 

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