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Latest Trends in Car Audio at Automotive Audio Visual :

Latest Trends in Car Audio at Automotive Audio Visual The Benefits of CrossFit The Benefits of CrossFit Automotive Audio Visual

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Many thought that with the slow in popularity of CD's, and the increase in popularity of portable music players such as the iPod, that car audio would eventually fall by the wayside. In reality, this has not happened at all. Thankfully, car audio companies have realized that while the CD may be dead, the listening experience in a car is not. As long as people are driving, they will have an urge to listen to music in their cars. The main difference between now and a few years ago is the way in which people listen to music in their vehicles. Below are some of the latest trends in the car audio industry: Automotive Audio Visual

Voice Command:

Voice Command Both car manufacturers and car audio manufacturers have taken notice of the popularity of Apple's Siri voice recognition software. This is why certain car audio systems are now interfacing to a variety of different voice recognition systems. This helps to keep the driver's mind on the road as opposed to their cell phone as they try to find directions or pick a place to eat. GM, Honda and Mercedes Benz are all in the process of integrating Apple's very own Siri technology into their automobiles. This will allow drivers to do many of the functions of their phone entirely with voice commands. As this technology improves, car audio manufacturers will be sure to utilize these promising features. Automotive Audio Visual

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Ipod Connectivity It is no surprise that the most popular portable music player in the entire world is the iPod. Apple is a marketing master that has cemented the iPod into the hearts and minds of millions of people around the world. The car audio industry has embraced this trend by integrating most of their products with full iPod connectivity. This allows drivers to play music from their iPod via their car audio system. This is the best of both worlds in that you can use your high quality car speakers to play music from your iPod as opposed to having to listen to music with only your earphones. Automotive Audio Visual

Mobile Phone Connectivity:

Mobile Phone Connectivity Another trend in the car audio field is the bluetooth integration of smartphones to car audio units. This allows drivers to be able to dial and answer their phones completely handsfree . As more and more areas of Australia are requiring that handsfree devices be used in vehicles, car audio manufacturers are poised to offer products which can meet this need with ease. Some of the more sophisticated car audio units are able to pull in actual address books from smartphones when you need to call someone important. Automotive Audio Visual

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Sirius XM Now that Sirius and XM have joined forces, car audio manufacturers no longer have to choose which company to support with their products. Sirius XM is a robust satellite radio provider which offers commercial free radio for all genres of music and talk radio. People tend to first have exposure to Sirius XM when they purchase a new car that has a free trial of this service, but existing car owners are beginning to look to add Sirius XM capabilities to their cars which has allowed car audio manufacturers to capture some of the satellite radio market. Automotive Audio Visual

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Thank You Car audio is still alive and growing and with the advances in technology, it seems to be an industry that will continue to be poised for growth over the near future. Automotive Audio Visual

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