Explore Different Currencies of the World and their Main Motifs

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Analyse the main motifs behind some interesting banknotes from around the world. Find out how world banknotes designs represent the identity of a country. https://www.mintageworld.com/notes/


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Explore Different Currencies of the World and their Main Motifs :

Explore Different Currencies of the World and their Main Motifs

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World banknotes are not just used for day to day transactions but also to represent a country’s true identity through its motifs and designs. Let’s explore some interesting banknotes of the world today through this presentation as we try to understand their motifs and designs.

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When we talk about different currencies of the world, old banknotes of Afghanistan are very popular. This 10 Afghanis banknote was issued in the year 1961 and was printed on 100% cotton by Thomas De La Rue & Co. Ltd. in London, England. The obverse of these beautiful banknotes from around the world depicts a portrait of the last King of Afghanistan, Mohammed Zahir Shah in military uniform while the reverse features the Mosque of Khwaja Mohammad Abu-Nasr Parsa in Balkh (Bactria)

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Collectors of world paper money are keen about having notes of Albania in their collection. This 3 Leke note measures 110x60mm in size and was issued in the year 1964. The obverse of this wonderful example of Banknotes of the World features an Albanian peasant woman with a basket of grapes over her shoulder while the reverse depicts a view of the city of Saranda ( Sarande ) and the harbour which is a tourist town.

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Here’s another amazing example of rare world banknotes that were issued for Leeward Islands, British Guiana, Barbados, Windward Islands, and Trinidad and Tobago under British Administration. This 5 Dollars note was issued in 1951 features the portrait of King George VI on the obverse and Coat of arms of member territories in all four corners of the reverse.

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This is another fine example of banknotes from around the world issued by the African country of South Sudan. The 1 pound note was issued in 2011 and features a portrait of Dr. John Garang de Mabior on the obverse while a group of wild giraffes on the reverse. We have discussed about only four types of World Banknotes . There are so many other countries in the world which issued fabulous banknotes with noteworthy designs. Keep exploring and collecting them!

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