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Name of Innovation: POLLUTION SCRUBBER:

Name of Innovation: POLLUTION SCRUBBER Individual Name: JUNIYALI NAURIYAL Members of the Team: Juniyali Nauriyal Name of College and City: MCT’s Rajiv Gandhi Institute Of Technology, Mumbai Course of specialization: Instrumentation Year/ Batch: 2 nd year College ID: SNINUG120025

Stage of Innovation submitted: IDEA:

Stage of Innovation submitted: IDEA Idea: It is at a nascent stage where it is a thought with substantial research material or a design.

The Innovation:

The Innovation Chosen industry (one industry): Public Services Chosen technologies: Mobility and Analytics Objective: To stabilize the increasing CO 2 levels in the atmosphere so as to prevent global warming. Approach: An air scrubber that removes CO 2 ,SO 2 ,NO 2 and other harmful gases that are causing global warming and air pollution. Such a scrubber will be installed at every alternate traffic signal, as it is the pollution rich area, where the separation of gases will occur. This will lead to the decrease in the carbon dioxide levels and will prevent global warming.

The Innovation:

The Innovation DESCRIPTION OF THE INNOVATION The pollution scrubber has four main components: 1. Fuel Gas Analyzer with a switch. The fuel gas analyzer measures the amount of various gases present in the surrounding area, if the CO 2 level is greater than 300 ppm then the exhaust motor switch gets turned on. Hence this starts the pollution scrubbing process. From the inlet the air is passed into the next unit i.e., the exhaust motor . Reference: http :// www.engineeringtoolbox.com /co2-comfort-level-d_1024.html

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2. Exhaust Motor The air is then passed through the exhaust motor which sucks in the air and blows it to the other side i.e., the scrubbing plant. The exhaust motor has a power rating of 200 watts so that the air is sucked in with enough force so as to pass the corresponding meshes. 3. Pollution Scrubber The sucked air is then passed to a plastic mesh (Fig 1) which is continuously showered with NaOH solution at a slow speed so as to let the air pass through the mesh as well. There are two such meshes of plastic(to avoid corrosion with the chemicals used),which convert the harmful gases like carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, to their corresponding sodium salts in aqueous state which seep from the mesh to the pit . The other mesh is not showered with the chemicals but is kept to collect the liquid droplets which get blown by the air and hence get collected at mesh 2 and finally seep into the pit. Fig 1 The mesh 1 is being showered with NaOH solution and as the air passes this mesh the CO 2 and the SO 2 react with the aqueous solution of NaOH forming: 2NaOH( aq ) + CO 2 (g) → Na 2 CO 3 ( aq ) + H 2 O(l) SO2 + NaOH -> NaHSO3(aq) NaHSO3 + NaOH => Na2SO3(aq) + H2O

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The sodium salts so formed will pass through the mesh down the pit . 4. Pit The pit contains Ca(OH)2 (solid) , a filter and a pump. The chemicals from the mesh fall into the pit and they react with the solid Ca(OH)2 present forming insoluble precipitates of calcium salts. The advantage of adding Ca(OH)2 is that it is also used for the renewal of the NaOH solution as follows: Na 2 CO 3 ( aq ) + Ca(OH) 2 (s) →-> 2NaOH( aq ) + CaCO 3 (s) Na 2 SO 3 ( aq ) + Ca(OH) 2 (s) →-> 2NaOH( aq ) + CaSO 3 (s) The NaOH is then pumped up to the shower and the precipitates are collected in the filter, which needs to be cleaned once a week or as and when required. The innovation i.e., the pollution scrubber would be around 60cmX30cm. The main purpose of this scrubber is that it should be installed at every alternate traffic signal which has high concentration of harmful gases , and the scrubber will purify the air. Hence this model can and surely will prevent global warming.

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Compelling need for the innovation:

Compelling need for the innovation The industry selected is public services with reference to the technologies of analyst and mobility. The innovative concept is the need of the hour for the entire world in general. It serves the public by making the atmosphere and the environment cleaner and greener. If the CO2 levels in the atmosphere are not controlled, devastation may occur. So we need to improve the technology and discover ways in which we can control air pollution. The pollution scrubber is very apt for overcoming this scenario, if we want our earth to remain green and pollution free. The pollution scrubber hence relates to the public services, by serving the worldwide public in general.

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Below are some graphs and analysis of the rise in CO2 levels in the past few years.

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The growth is tremendous, to maintain it the fuel gas analyzer starts to operate at 300ppm of CO2 levels in the atmosphere. The pollution scrubber will decrease this rise and will help in stabilizing the CO2 levels in the atmosphere to 300 ppm only. This will solve nearly half our ecological and environmental issues. The data next page shows the impact of the rise in air pollution on human life. Humans ,animals and plants are the most affected, rise in CO2 level has triggered respiratory diseases, cancers, etc in humans. It has also changed the climatic patterns like rise in the sea levels, floods, droughts, etc. This model helps in curbing all these problems and will surely make this planet a better, pollution free place to live in.


Impact EXPECTED IMPACT It will stabilize the CO2 levels in the atmosphere. Help in preventing global warming. Decrease in the respiratory diseases caused. Overall improvement in public sustenance. Large scale impact will be caused. SUCCESS OF INNOVATION The idea will be a sure success if the government pays heed to it. Even if the government does not support the traffic signal concept, the pollution scrubber is cheap and can be installed in the residential societies as well. Schools, colleges, hospitals, parks can also install such scrubbers. The success will come with active participation of the government and the public alike. Once in practice this scrubber can do wonders.  

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SUSTENANCE OF IDEA It is the best source to avoid global warming, so the future needs it sooner or later. The idea will sustain over a long period of time as people are looking desperately for measures to avoid pollution, and pollution scrubber is a easy and clean method to achieve this. It is easy to use, install and operate, requiring monthly maintenance of cleaning the pit gauge as and when required.


Implementation The pollution scrubber will be a small device, of around 60X30X30 cm dimensions. The main process of implementation starts with getting the pollution scrubbers installed at every alternate traffic signals in mega cities so as to curb the pollution. Traffic signals are places of high CO2 level concentrations due to the exhaust from the vehicles. Installing pollution scrubber at these signals will decrease the pollutant level in the atmosphere to a large extent. Hospitals, residential societies, railway stations, colleges, etc can also install this scrubber to increase the purity of the air around them. In rural areas the scrubbers can be installed at places with industries . The scrubber wont be running 24 hours a day as it has a switch which helps in maintaining the CO2 levels in the atmosphere. Government needs to pay attention to this unit for proper implementation of the idea. The life of the scrubber is the life of the exhaust motor which is an integral part of the unit.


POSSIBLE BUDGETS and CHALLENGES Fuel gas analyzer Rs 6000 Exhaust motor Rs 800 Chemicals(monthly) Rs 2000 Electricity consumed Rs 200 (Rs 6 per unit) Pump Rs 500 Miscellaneous Rs 500 Total Rs 10,000 So the cost of one such unit is approximately around Rs 10,000 only. This increases the feasibility of the product which makes it easy to purchase and use. Challenges can be the use of electricity which can be tackled by using solar cells. Other challenge can be the use of chemicals and the exhaustion of the chemicals which has been tackled by using Ca(OH)2 . Cleaning of the scrubber can also pose a challenge but will overcome with time as the CO2 levels decrease.

The Competitive Advantage:

The Competitive Advantage The pollution scrubber is one of its kind , when it comes to implementation of the idea. It is the need of the hour. Public services is not just about transportation, etc but also in easing the pollution problems of the public. This scrubber eases the worldwide public of the daily pollution problem. Scrubbers have been developed, no doubt, but no scrubbers aims at achieving my goal , of a pollution free world. Sources of guidance received to develop the innovation . http://blog.wisdomjobs.com/a-pragmatic-approach-on-global-warming/ Environmental Engineering Dictionary  edited by C. C. Lee INSTRUMENT ENGINEERS’ HANDBOOK, PROCESS MEASUREMENT AND ANALYSIS, Volume 1 by BG Liptak http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carbon_dioxide_scrubber Are you pursuing a patent for your innovation? YES

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