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Name of Innovation: Smart Wallet :

Name of Innovation: Smart Wallet Team/ Individual Name: ASCENT Members of the Team: ASHISH DWIVEDI,ANCHAL SHARMA,KARTIK UPADHYAY Name of College and City: JAYPEE UNIVERSITY OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY,GUNA Course of specialization: CSE,ECE,MECH. Year/ Batch: 4 th /(2010-2014) College ID: 101333,101017,101635 Name of the Professor/ Placement officer involved in this project: No-one yet

The stage of Innovation I’ve submitted::

T he stage of Innovation I’ve submitted: Idea: The idea is to make people wallet more secure by developing a Smart Wallet which could be synched with the person permanent mobile phone number & that number is registered to the person bank accounts. Idea

The Innovation:

The Innovation Chosen industry : Public Services Chosen technologies : Mobility, Analytics Objective: To come up with a design & a working anti-theft system which could be embedded into the wallet. Description of innovation : The wallet will have Nano sensor(to read fingerprint when someone touches wallet) is embedded on the wallet cloth which is connected to a small circuit which will act as controller(having a mini database to store fingerprint images) .This small circuitry ( foldable micro circuit) which is to be stitched inside the wallet fabric layers. The circuit is in sync with your permanent mobile phone number(* a number registered to a person’s all bank account credit/debit ) & generate a beep & vibration in the phone instantly if any one touches the wallet, such as (pickpocketing) mischief & with this a alert (let say SMS ) (from the same phone) will be sended to all the respective bank to put usage of that person cards(credit/debit) on hold for few hours till the owner confirms the permission after the confirmation call is made from the respective bank. Maximum Points: 10


ISSUE’s: Q. What if someone from the family or known person touches the wallet? It would be a major problem ,every now & then the cards will be blocked & phone beep & vibrates……….. ?? Ans : The database in the circuit can store up to 2-3 different fingerprint images (Ex: self, wife's(they continuously peeps into their husbands wallet),and wallet owner children). Q. If someone known other than those whose fingerprints are stored in the chip database??It will create problem …..?? Ans : A provision is made so that a person can dial a code(from the same number) & by dialing that code everything gets back to normal(needn’t to wait for confirmation call).

Compelling need for the innovation:

Compelling need for the innovation In our daily life we come to hear at least one case of pickpocketing & I had myself underwent through this once. To prevent pickpocketing & to ensure more safety to people money & their bank card inside their wallet this is a major need of today’s world. After the wallet is stolen the thief try to make purchases using credit/debit card through swiping it & the seller won’t verify even the authenticity of the person. This way many times people used to incur losses, if they fail to inform the bank to block the card before its usage by the thieves. Through this not only the person will come to know if he/she is being pickpocketed & so a person can act instantly to the situation. Even if the person fails to secure the wallet ,the person cards are safe from unauthorized transaction. Through the mobility technique's involved in this project. Maximum Points: 20


Impact This product in market will make people feel more relaxed toward their concern about their wallet at public places/crowded areas. Maximum Points: 30


Implementation This in today’s scene is only an idea & I will be going to start working on it soon till then there’s still a lot to learn about Nano sensors & mobility techniques & also availability of resources & working environment is required to implement this project. Maximum Points: 50

The Competitive Advantage:

The Competitive Advantage I haven’t heard yet or seen anyone working on this so I think there’s no another competitive innovation(of this kind) .People are working on Nano Science & mobility techniques & so I want to create this small stuff with the help of their work/research. Sources of guidance you received to develop the innovation : Internet , self experience & pick pocketer’s. Are you pursuing a patent for your innovation? : NO Maximum Points: 30

Thank You:

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