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HIGHWAY ALERT SIGNAL LAMP Team Name : TECHNICAL SAMARITANS Team Members Name : H. Thiruvel Murugan , R. Surender , R. Vasudevan , T. Sudharasan Members of the Team : 4 Name of College and City: M. KUMARASAMY COLLEGE ENGINEERING & KARUR Course of specialization : BE. ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING Year/ Batch : SECOND/2012-2016 College ID : [email protected] Name of the Professor : Mr.P.T.Sivagurunathan , AP/ ECE

Our innovation is based on the category IDEA:

Our innovation is based on the category IDEA

The Innovation:

The Innovation Chosen industry : Public Services Chosen technologies : Social Media Objective Our aim is to avoid accident in highway.

Innovative Idea to Avoid Accident:

Innovative Idea to Avoid Accident

Innovation developed:

Innovation developed Signal lamp for safe highway driving. It emits tricolour light for 30 seconds that turns off when the approaching vehicle overtakes. Giving additional safety during night, or when you need to stop your vehicle on side of the highway.

Compelling need for the innovation:

Compelling need for the innovation Under Industry: Public Service Our innovation is very useful for public because many accidents are happening in highway . So by this innovative idea will avoid these accidents Under Technology : Social Media In a technology developing world many accidents are happening due to carelessness and we can overcome that by our innovative idea.


Impact The impact of our innovative idea is to avoid accidents. It consists of low cost, so it can be implemented very effectively. Merits Readily available components are used Not much cost required Because of Darlington photo transistor, the circuit is highly sensible. Power consumption is low( app .5 watts)


Implementation COMPONENTS USED IC 555(Timer IC) Transistors(BC 557,558) Darlington photo transistor(L14f1) Resistors Capacitors LED



Contd..., Circuit Explanation :

Contd..., Circuit Explanation The circuit is built around two timer ICs NE555 (IC1 and IC2). IC1 is designed as a standard monostable, while IC2 is designed as an astable. Darlington phototransistor L14F1 (T1) is used as a photosensor to activate the monostable. The collector of phototransistor T1 is connected to trigger pin 2 of IC1, which is normally kept high by resistorR1.

Diagrammatic representation:

Diagrammatic representation

Contd…, Working Explanation:

Contd…, Working Explanation When headlight from an approaching vehicle illuminates the phototransistor, it conducts to give a short pulse to IC1. The output of IC1 goes high for a period determined by resistor R2 and capacitor C1. Transistor T2 conducts to drive transistor T3 and its collector goes high to take reset pin 4 of IC2 to high level This activates astable IC2, which switches on and off the LED chain alternately.

Working : :

Working :

The Competitive Advantage:

The Competitive Advantage It require less cost. In this we use only 12V DC supply and so it has less power consumption. It is mainly implemented to avoid accidents. It is more sensible. Sources of guidance : Electronics for you (MAGAZINE)